A Quick Thought…

A Quick Thought…

When was the last time you judged or complained about someone? Was it at your last little get together at the coffee shop, or over lunch at work or home.

Do you engage in idle negative gossip, criticizing people with your friends or associates?

Are you aware these acts create negative distortion in your internal vibration?

This can only lead to burden. It is only a matter of time before either pain, ill health, lack, hardship and/or struggle turns up on your doorstep.  When you create negativity, you increase its burden within you and the Law of Attraction will always bring to you new experiences that stir up negative emotions.  You are basically asking the Universe to give you more negative experiences and more people to annoy you.

Complaining about the world is an easy way to not take responsibility for your own energy creation.

Do you deserve to burden your life in this way?

This is a very unloving thing to do to yourself. So maybe the question you need to ask is “Why don’t I love myself”?

Why do I feel I need to continually create negative energies through being critical and judging people.  Or justify the lack of self-love by venting on to other people.

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About trevorg888

Trevor Gollagher has over 35 years experience as a spiritual teacher, mentor and visionary. As an author, he has published 17 books, numerous workbooks, DVD’s and assorted media. The founder of the Heart Resonance energy system www.heartresonance.com , his message is simple but very deep and powerful. He believes that everything we desire as humans is obtainable from within ourselves, if only we get out of our own way and allow our divineness to arise. Visit his website www.trevorgollagher.com to learn about more ways Trevor can help you achieve a higher level of happiness and spiritual consciousness.
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