Sitting on the See Saw

Sitting on the See Saw

To find balance in anything, a state of centeredness has to be achieved. Centeredness should be taken literal here – be in the centre.

Think about a seesaw. Where is most of the movement happening? Answer; at both ends. The more one moves towards the centre, the less the movement becomes. Movement does not stop closer to the middle it just becomes more centred and calm.

I remember a game I used to play when I was little which was quite cruel when I think about it. I used to play a game where both my friend and I would sit on the seesaw, and at a random time on one of the down movements, one of us would jump forward making the seesaw move very quickly down at the other end. The shift in weight placement would cause the board on the seesaw to come crashing down the other side with great force. This imbalance would cause much disharmony to the person at the other end.

Often, it would then cause a rapid shift back the other way due to the person either falling off after the initial crash or they would simply jump off causing you to get back some of your own medicine. Oh the games kids play.

Being in the centre of anything at all creates balance. When I realised this it opened up a Pandora’s box of information flooding into my awareness. One of the things I realised was by doing the meditation Archangel Uriel (get a copy of this meditation at the blog titled Uriel meditations here at my blog site) gave me of being in the Heart Chakra I was actually being in the centre of the two cones, just like being in the centre of the seesaw. The result was calmness and centeredness. This occurred not only because of the energy of the Heart, it was also because I was in the centre of it. I was in the balance part of the Heart Chakra.

I also realised I was in the centre of the chakra but I was also in the centre of the chakra system being in the heart. I was in the centre of the centre of the chakra/energy system. No wonder I felt good. This also achieved an alignment of energy that is fractal like and was also creating a natural harmonic within the two centres.

Once I understood the power of being in the centre, I started to experiment with this newfound understanding. What if I found myself in a state of disharmony, could I just find the centre of it and it would become calm and positive. The answer was yes. Once again think about the seesaw. Any imbalance creating negative reaction simply means you are too far out from the centre of the experience.

It’s all a little out of control. When you bring your thoughts back along the energy of the experience and look for the opposite experience to what you are experiencing, you then can find the middle.  Once again look at the seesaw. When you can recognise what you are experiencing, and think of the opposite experience, move your energy to where both these experiences meet in the middle and you have found balance.

Harmony once again is found, and you move into a state of positive balance. When you sit in the middle of the seesaw you have to experience balance. Balance is always positive

When you find the middle of anything, you find the truth of it. The truth of man resides in the energy centre. Truth resides within the heart centre and everything created from anywhere else is simply not true. When you create from your heart centre, you are creating from God your true aspect. In this moment, you function from your true state – God.

I challenge you to fine the centre of the seesaw in all interactions within your life. Find the centre, and you find God outplaying in all of its glory. How can you experience anything that is not in balance when you function from this space? You cannot have disharmony when you are at the centre of frequency, it is impossible to have an ungodlike experience. God is at the centre of all energy. It is the space of true love and harmony. Never can imbalance exist in this vibratory space.

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  1. thank you for posting! i cant find the Archangel Uriel meditation.

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