What’s Happening to the Economy?

What’s Happening to the Economy?

We are living in very special times. For many years a lot of spiritual people have talked about the ascension, end of time, spiritual upliftment, the second coming of Christ etc. These are all labels of the same experience that all of mankind is rapidly moving towards.

One of the big things that is impacting on the human race is Mother Earth’s Electro-magnetic field. Part of why the planet is currently experiencing tension and disharmony is because the planet is becoming much more electric in it’s frequency. This tension is being created simply because most are resisting this upward shift and acceleration of higher light energy. Electric energy can be seen as a higher and faster vibrating spiritual energy. As Earth becomes more electric, everything on her gets impacted with it. Resistance occurs because everything that is not in line with higher more spiritual energy gets rattled.

The turning up of this spirit energy is literally lifting us up into a different frequency band and moving us closer to Divine source. As a result of this many shifts and changes are occurring in our overall energy frequency. This results in a purging of the old negative energies within and throughout society, pushing us all to live more from love.

As the planet rises up in vibration it will enter into a new resonant field higher than we have previously experienced. To paint a bit of a picture here we can look at this shift as a number scale. Let’s say all existence vibrates between the numbers of 1-100.   Let’s also say the planet is vibrating between 20 – 60. this band width governs what we can experience and will colour the energetic quality of everything. For example only energies that carry the energy of a vibration number between 20-60 can exist in this field. So a vibration of 80 could not exist in a field of 20-60 because it is outside of the realm of possibilities held within the frequency spectrum. it literally is impossible to have experiences that vibrate at 80 in the current vibration of the planet.

As the planet rises up in vibration, the bottom frequencies will drop off and we will open up to new higher vibrational experiences.  for example, let’s say the planet climbs to 40-80 in band width, this would mean the frequencies of 20 – 39 could no longer exist in Earth’s field because once again they will be outside of the vibrational spectrum. This time however they just would be too low in vibration to exist and for us to experience in the new uplifted field band.

Knowing that everything in existence is energy, and all experience we currently have happens only because they vibrate within Earth’s current vibration lets us understand a little of what is currently happening on good old Mother Earth.

For the last 5 years or so I have been saying the economic structure of the planet has to either dramatically change or it will collapse. It is easy to see why. As the energies of Earth increase in vibration heading towards ascension, lower vibrations have to drop off. Low vibrating energies are the more negative forms of energy. The ascension process is bringing us all closer to God which is Unconditional Love. This is taking us further away from the Devil which is the energy of fear. As we get closer in vibration to love, fear and anything based on its negative frequency will and is disappearing. It is dropping off the back end as we move up in vibration.

This means all structures based on lower vibrating energies will eventually be removed from our existence simply because they are too low in vibration. So everything based on fear, control, greed, power will crumble.

I have been getting very excited and happy about the turmoil currently occurring in the financial sector of the planet. Why? Because this validates to me the ascension process is upon us, the Earth is purging negativity out of existence.

I hate to be the bearer of doom and gloom but the financial situation is going to totally collapse as well as many of society’s structures. Why? Because they have foundations of disharmony.

I believe the next year or so will see the demise of many things we rely on for security. I believe we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg of the financial crisis. It will totally collapse as it is based on control and greed and these energies cannot exist in the energy of love we are heading towards. I also think the housing market will drop its value by at least 50 -70%

Really when you think about all the energies external and internal that are not in alignment to love you will recognise the enormity of the shift and release that has to occur. And as most things we hold on to attachments, suppressed emotions and all insecurities are either based on or are causing restriction and disharmony, they all have to go.

So how can we move through this without chaos?

Well for a start don’t be too concerned about everything getting out of control. If you focus upon our destination rather than the chaos around us you will be pulled into alignment with the positive ascension process. Learn if you have not yet started to recognise emotions, material things and structures that are based on negative energy and let go of your grasping and attachment to them. None of these things will serve you in the future as we ascend.

In fact the more you attach, the more disharmony you will experience. It is vital if you want a smooth and positive experience of your journey to focus only on energies based on unconditional love. Look for ways to support community. Allow all experiences to flow in and flow out. God’s plan is not flawed and will unfold in perfect time and way, and anything contrary to this is only fear based energies fighting for its life to maintain existence.

As the old negative based energies start dropping off the back end of Earth’s vibration. More and more people will find the sense of purpose, value, and love of self, arising from within. Living in a detached and allowing way will align you to harmony and grace during the purging of fear based energies. The planet is in for a rough and bumpy ride but you can be the calm in the middle of the storm, the light to guide the way. As more and more people move closer and closer to the ascension, the more society will look for ways to be of service to the whole.

Let go of all issues and judgement towards others and start to feel love for all life regardless of whom and what they are. We are all fragments of the same energy and are all equal in the ascension process. We are all little pieces of God that are rapidly moving closer to completeness.

Your life is totally in your hands. How you move through this transitional shift of the planet is entirely up to you.

Yes you can live through this in a state of Love and Grace, or you can fall into the hole of depression and darkness this is and has always been your choice.

You will not be forgotten or abandoned. You can only feel this if you believe the lies the mind is telling you and you hold on to the old beliefs and fears society has placed upon you.

This is the moment of joy and happiness.

This is the moment in time mankind has been awaiting for.

This is the beginning of the reign of Unconditional Love on this planet. Nothing can stop this from happening as God’s plane has unfolded. We just have to allow our natural state to unfold, giving in to the love of whom and what we all are.

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Trevor Gollagher has over 35 years experience as a spiritual teacher, mentor and visionary. As an author, he has published 17 books, numerous workbooks, DVD’s and assorted media. The founder of the Heart Resonance energy system www.heartresonance.com , his message is simple but very deep and powerful. He believes that everything we desire as humans is obtainable from within ourselves, if only we get out of our own way and allow our divineness to arise. Visit his website www.trevorgollagher.com to learn about more ways Trevor can help you achieve a higher level of happiness and spiritual consciousness.
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1 Response to What’s Happening to the Economy?

  1. Jackie Paulson says:

    You are so right about all of what you have said. The more attached we are to something the harder it will be. I have already been there done that, and lost everything…that I thought was of value. So be it. Now I live debt free, stress free, and love my life.

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