Time to Re-affirm Intention and Direction

Time to Re-affirm Intention and Direction

I woke up early New Year’s Day after a late night of seeing the New Year in, all blurry eyed with many thoughts running through my head.  I was thinking about our changing times and what is important to give us a joyous time of it all. 2012 brings with it more acceleration of time and light energy, which will have an enormous impact on all life.

This acceleration will bring with it more tension globally as well as internally. As everything is being uplifted in frequency, everything is forced to become more spiritual in nature. All fear based energies are being confronted and squashed out of existence. This will bring a sense of uneasiness and unrest during this purging period. Many people, due to insecurity and fears, will engaged the mind in more activity, searching for a way out of what they are experiencing. This will feed more doubt and uncertainty in to reality.

This will cause much activity of negativity within, which amplifies and intensifies an unreal existence. Many people already are finding it harder to keep balance and happiness in their day to day lives. Some are even feeling isolated, disconnected, and or overwhelmed. This all occurs because of not feeling connected to Universal Conscious Flow (UCF).  A sense of “doing it alone” arises.

For many people, the negative activity of the mind pulls them further away from their sense of connection to UCF. This can make you feel alone and unloved. The Divine plan that everything is unfolding from, is full of positive experience and love. UCF has all the love of God contained within it and is and always available to you to experience. It is this loving flow of energy that all positive experiences emanate from. Everything you seek resides there.

The majority of the population want to do their best in creating a good and happy life. This is why we all tend to use our mind’s to come up with ways of making everything better. The mind is the tool of choice for the general population to put effort into achieving happiness. It can give us moments of success by using it, and can make us feel like we are actually moving forward. However, this is a very clever trick the mind plays on us to feel like we are in control. It’s outplay and function has a lot to do with the imprinted programmes held within the mind. It really does not know any other way to function. Its doing the best it can to make life good for us.

The attachments held by the mind give us all a mis-construed sense of purpose and achievement. It allows us to feel that we are capable and in control in the bigger scheme of things. It is however, exactly this that holds us in a non-spiritually productive state of untruth and dysfunction. The simple fact that we actively work to make things better actually reinforces the belief in imperfection. The real truth is, everything has always been perfect. It has only ever been the perceptions and beliefs held by the mind that brings up a need to fix or improve our lot in life. The only thing that needs fixing in a sense is our perception of non-perfection and even that really does not need fixing. Whatever you experience is always exactly right for you in the moment. How you allow and perceive the moment greatly determines your level of happiness.

The mind struggles to allow the natural unfoldment of higher truth to occur simply because it is moulded on fear based information. However, access to higher truth and knowledge is exactly what will bring peace and joy on Earth and most importantly within. It is the only way to align to God’s unfoldment. Health, Happiness, and joy is your natural state of existence, if only you were able to detach your mind long enough to see it.

When one is living with trust and allowance of Divine unfoldment, one can experience real joy, regardless of what is happening out in the world. Divine truth is never anything but positive.

Any experience you may have that is contrary to positive joyfulness is a direct result of attachment to people, places, emotions and perceptions of non truth held by the mind. Divine plan is perfect in all ways. You cannot make it better than what it already is. You cannot make perfection any better than perfection. Perfect is perfect. Simply by merging with UCF your life unfolds and outplays full of Divine qualities.

It is time now at the start of 2012 to re-focus your understanding of Divine Truth to move yourself forward into higher, brighter light. Know that all is unfolding in perfection and cannot be any other way. For you to have joy and happiness through the unfoldment of this plan, you only need to let go and trust. Divine plan holds absolutely no mistakes and is perfect. You cannot improve on it, or make better in any way its quality. You only have to be open to it and align yourself with its flow to have a most joyful time of it.

By learning to trust that Divine plan has it right and there are no mistakes, you can experience a greater quality to your life. Even though sometimes it may feel all wrong, but that is only because you don’t see the bigger picture of the plan, or are getting caught up, or giving energy to the delusionary concepts put forward from the mind.

By actively bringing your attention away from the mind and on to a more truthful and accurate aspect of yourself like the intuitive heart centre, you can start to detach from the binding delusionary mind. With this comes a merging with UCF and all negativity starts to dissolve.

Look for ways to be of service to humanity and bring benefit to all people and the Earth. For this amplifies and strengthens your Divine purpose.

God helps those who help God.

When you align to UCF, chaos cannot exist in your reality, simply because UCF contains no chaos, only love, happiness and abundance. You will be supported by the Universe and your life will flourish. Yes the planet will still have disharmony and tension. Some of your friends and family may still have a hard time of it, but you will hold a balanced centre and calmness in the storm.

A simple breathing exercise to make you feel good in times of need

Imagine as you breathe in that the air is going into your physical heart and not your lungs. At the same time imagine the breath carry’s the energy of Love. On the exhale imagine the air exhaling out of the Solar Plexus and carry’s the energy of Balance. Continue breathing in this way for 5 to 10 mins and see how you feel.

Breathe in Love to the Heart, breathe out Balance through the Solar Plexus

May you feel Loved and Blessed

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Trevor Gollagher has over 35 years experience as a spiritual teacher, mentor and visionary. As an author, he has published 17 books, numerous workbooks, DVD’s and assorted media. The founder of the Heart Resonance energy system www.heartresonance.com , his message is simple but very deep and powerful. He believes that everything we desire as humans is obtainable from within ourselves, if only we get out of our own way and allow our divineness to arise. Visit his website www.trevorgollagher.com to learn about more ways Trevor can help you achieve a higher level of happiness and spiritual consciousness.
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