Head versus Heart – Attain a happier life

Head versus Heart – Attain a happier life

If you are like most people, you would most likely feel the pressure of modern life. It is after all normal right. Well for most it is, however it does not have to be this way. We can continue to fight and struggle with our lot, or we can make a stand and change how we are creating our lives.

As humans we tend to create all experience from the foundation of the perceptions that the mind holds. We make decisions and choices in how we perceive, react/respond, etc from our past conditioning and understanding of what is right or wrong, good or bad. This is all we know, it is what the mind tells us as truth.

Just because the mind tells you it is true, does not mean it is so

In fact, most of what the mind perceives is based on distorted truth. It is truth that has been coloured by fear based misconceptions of what is. As a result, it is almost impossible to see higher truth. When we create our lives from a non-truthful perception, we burden experience. This makes all areas of our lives less happy and creates more struggle and greater effort is required to maintain some degree of centeredness. Believe me that can be very stressful.

To give ourselves a better chance to experience joy and abundance we need to align ourselves more and more to higher truth.

So where can I find this “truth”?

The Intuitive Heart, Heart Chakra, or Sacred Chamber all have a direct connection to absolute truth. If we spend time each day in contemplation and or focussing on the Heart centre, this will pull us more and more into alignment with its energy and nature. This automatically opens the door for Universal truth to come flowing in.

The more you focus on the heart, the more you create from this level. I am sure you have heard me say “where you attention lies is the point of creation” So if you are focused on something that holds the quality of truth, then truth should be created.

When you start to see more of truth, you are able to make more acuate decisions in your life. This will allow you to live more from Love and Allowance, which is the way God intended.

So give yourself the gift of truth in your life and start bringing your attention on to the heart and not the mind and watch your life get lighter and easier. Remember the more focus you give the heart, the less energy you are giving to the non-truthful mind.

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About trevorg888

Trevor Gollagher has over 35 years experience as a spiritual teacher, mentor and visionary. As an author, he has published 17 books, numerous workbooks, DVD’s and assorted media. The founder of the Heart Resonance energy system www.heartresonance.com , his message is simple but very deep and powerful. He believes that everything we desire as humans is obtainable from within ourselves, if only we get out of our own way and allow our divineness to arise. Visit his website www.trevorgollagher.com to learn about more ways Trevor can help you achieve a higher level of happiness and spiritual consciousness.
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