Forgiveness, Judgement, and Other Fantasies

Forgiveness, Judgement, and Other Fantasies 

world on skin and eyeIn this year, 2013, we all will be accelerated towards ascension more than previously experienced. Now more than ever, it is important to break free of the old, out-dated world structures of lack. Indeed, it will eventually become vital to do this to maintain some level of balance and happiness.

For eons, we as souls living in a human suit have lived in a very unaware state of existence. This has all been exactly right for us as this has allowed us to directly experience a vast array of potential experiences available here on Earth.

This is the reason why we as souls incarnated here  – to have direct experience of experiences available, and to also play an active role in co-creation with God. This process of direct experience expands our soul’s frequency, raising it further towards home -(The bigger piece of God)

It brings us harmonically closer to source.

Our new world (ascended state of existence) is a love-based reality, as opposed to our current fear-based reality. This is far different to what we as humans have experienced before. It is almost the opposite of what our whole life conditioning and perceptions are based on – fear.

Because of this, we need to “do” our lives differently if we are to be in harmony with the evolving energetics of our planet. How we all create our lives – what we base our decisions on, and what we believe is right, may now not be true.

For a lot of people, everything created strengthens connection to our world structures of lack and what I call non-truth. This is literally binding them into the powerful energy of lack, and pulling them further out of harmony and sync with your soul’s expansion. Everytime you apply action to create change thinking something is missing, you feed and bind yourself further into lack structure.

The concepts we hold in regards to what is right and how we see ourselves in the big picture of life, are all decided on old world lack structure. From a higher view point, there is no lack. Lack is only percieved, created,  and experienced from the perceptions of the mind.  The mind’s perceptions are based on perceptions of past experience – what you thought was real at the time.

So let’s now look at what is real from an energetic/consciousness level as opposed to what is perceived as real based on past conditioning, and worldly lack structure.

Truth is, you are a little piece of God (your soul) is existing in a human suit for the sole purpose of gathering energetic experience.

A higher level of your soul’s consciousness (pre-physical consciousness, which is a part of your over-soul in the etheric realms) Made a decision for you to be born into the family you were born into.

It chose your family, knowing you would recieve the right emotional inprinting, scaring, and conditioning to generate the correct perception, so you could then attract to you (through perception) the experiences your over-soul has allocated for you to experience.

I should explain a little here about how you create life and your experiences.

  • You perceive an experience
  • As a result, an emotion is evoked based on your past conditioning
  • This emotion is directly linked to your sub-conscious mind. It will either strengthen existing subconscious patterns, or go towards setting up new ones through repetition.
  • By stimulating the subconscious, you energise and or transform existing internal energy flows or stagnation.
  • With this shift in internal energy, you speak to the universe, and through the law of attraction, bring to yourself new experiences to perceive. And the cycle continues.  This is how life and its experiences are created.

Anyway back to the over-soul.

Your over-soul is setting this up within a divine plan as part of its contribution to divine plan – as above, so below. Everything in existence is unfolding within a divine plan that was created by the bigger piece of God. All souls and indeed all energy and life is doing the exact same thing – playing a direct and active role in co-creation, and having direct experience for expansion purposes.

All experience impacts of your consciousness. If the experience carry’s the energy of spiritual truth, it expands your souls consciousness a little. This awakens and broadens your perception of what is real – truth.

In a sense, you start to have a more direct experience of your diviness – you function and experience in a more conscious way. You gain a greater level  of spiritual clarity too. This allows you to make more choices and decisions in alignment to truth.

flying angelGod’s plan is perfect in everyway – there are no mistakes, or wrong decisions and choices in life – this is a fallacy.

Because the big piece of God is all knowing and vibrates continually pure divine love, everything it creates must be divinely perfect and without flaws.

So now I want you to sit and think with an open heart the following information.

If your life is unfolding within a divine plan, and that plan is divinely perfect, that must mean your life cannot have mistakes. All things that come to you are perfect and in accordance to divine plan – there are no flaws. Everything you experience is what your soul is here to experience.

If your life and all its experiences are a part of divine plan this must be so.

This tells me that every experience I have had, will have, and are having and everyone else in the world is having, is exactly right for what our souls are here to experience – there is no mistakes, simply because the creator of this plan – God, cannot make mistakes – it is not within its energetic makeup. And you can only ever create from the energy of what you are.

Knowing this, tells me I cannot get my life wrong, I can only percieve it as such due to my belief in imperfection – my past conditioned structures of lack ste up this perception.

When you truly understand, and more importantly, “know” your life, from a soul level, is never wrong and is always positive, you disempower structures of lack. You cease to constantly act to “fix things” or make better, believing something is not right.

When you know absolutely that no one has ever done anything wrong  to or by you, or you have never made mistakes, or got things wrong from a soul level, it frees you from lack structure.

mmmmmddeWhen you truly believe in your life unfolding in perfection within divine plan in each moment of time, you free yourself from fear, worry, and lack.

When you know every person alive is doing the same as you. Attracting experiences for direct experience purposes, and soul consciousness expansion, and that all experiences are equal in value and serve a higher purpose, you are free from energetic restriction.

When all of this is known as opposed to understood, you see there is no need for judgement (self and others), forgiveness, to feel lack or that something is wrong – this is always your mind and its past non-truthful conditioning that stirs these fear-based emotions up from within.

I often tell many of my students – “Just because something appears as real, does not make it so” What appears as real from your mind’s perception most often is not true from a soul level. It is what is real from a soul level that is truly real.

The more you can percieve and function from what is real as opposed to what the mind wants you to think, the more in alignment to our ascension you will be.

We are all ascending and breaking free from worldly lack structure. Some will experience this journey in a very loving and empowered way, others not so. Your level of alignment to what is real – truth, will determine your experience.

I wish you much love


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Trevor Gollagher has over 35 years experience as a spiritual teacher, mentor and visionary. As an author, he has published 17 books, numerous workbooks, DVD’s and assorted media. The founder of the Heart Resonance energy system , his message is simple but very deep and powerful. He believes that everything we desire as humans is obtainable from within ourselves, if only we get out of our own way and allow our divineness to arise. Visit his website to learn about more ways Trevor can help you achieve a higher level of happiness and spiritual consciousness.
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2 Responses to Forgiveness, Judgement, and Other Fantasies

  1. sanora1 says:

    Hi Trevorg888. I enjoyed your post. It’s great to have a refresher from time to time. Sometimes we learn things and then think “well I don’t have to ever bother with that again.” It’s only when we do a review that we realize how much information has slipped into the background of our minds. Now it’s in the forefront of my mind again,…………..for a while.

    • Tarsha says:

      Trevor, I totally agree with Sanora1!! We always need a refresher to help keep us on our toes when we get too caught up in life. I can’t wait to check out your other posts.

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