The Times They are a Changing

The Times They Are a Changing

mmswaqqqThe world has been in a continual state of change since time began.  Through the laws of attraction and cause and effect, we have been energetically expanding and opening our consciousness, and actively creating.

We are afterall creator beings, and it is in our energetic makeup to create constantly.

Through our inner desire to create, we have manifested lots of change and new discoveries along the way. Because our creation is based on our perceptions, and our perceptions are created from past non-truthful conditioning, often we create from a perception of lack.

Our past conditioning has been greatly influenced by the energies of fear, lack, control, and greed, simply because most of societies structures are based on this. So this reality, albeit illusionary, moulds and shapes the way we do everything.

We live in a time of great illusion, base on foresaid greed and control structures. All the time however, underneath this non-truthful reality we, as souls, have been awakening.

hgguyfyAll experiences we attract to ourselves expand the consciousness of our souls. This works towards raising our overall vibration, moving us closer to a harmonic match with the bigger piece of God.

It is not that far away now when the negative, non-truthful reality that has been maintained for eons will be seen for what it is. This will happen because as we raise in vibration, we see a clearer picture of what is real as opposed to what we think is real.

Something I realised many years ago is, when truth is seen, non-truth finds it very hard to maintain its existence.  Because of our rapid movement towards ascension, we will not accept lack structure for much longer.

By gaining clarity through our awakening, its control and strength will be dis-empowered. By seeing its non-truthful structure, it will loose its influence on us.

Fotolia 41710304 XSWithout our belief in its existence, it is doomed to weaken and die. Why? Because it is our resistance to it and the energy we feed it through giving it attention and validation that empowers its very existence.

It’s crazy, but in every moment we feed energy and strengthen the very things that we fear and so desparately desire to escape from. This holds most people in a cycle of lack, burden, and fear.

We as souls are not lacking. Lack is an illusion put forward by the mind. But our societies rules and structures are mainly based on lack, which holds us in a continual struggle to succeed. It is the continual process of applying action to gain something that is perceived missing that strengthens and maintains lack structure, deluding our perception of our wholeness even further.

Underneath what is often perceived lays your truth – that you are and have always been whole, and lack nothing at all. Everything you seek is already a part of you deep inside. It is, and has always been the constant bombardment of lack structure that has literally brainwashed you into believing lack.

You have made it appear real through your ability to manifest whatever you give attention too, and are continually validating its existence. This only serves to strengthen your belief that it is real -and the cycle continues.

Since energy has come into existence, it has been continually changing. Everything is in a constant state of expansion consciously speaking.

Everything is expanding in consciousness to journey back to its source – God. As all energy expands and grows, it evolves in nature. It awakens more to what it is – A divine piece of God.

Fotolia 15063211 XSEventually expanding and awakening in consciousness to the point of full immersion and harmony with the bigger piece of God. At this point, we will have travelled full circle.

As I have stated in numerous books of mine, we are all little fragments of God that have been on a journey to directly experience all potential creation. This expands consciousness and makes us, all as little pieces of God, more conscious.

To fully understand and know something requires direct experience of it. By directly experiencing all potential experiences in each vibrational field of existence, we awaken divine knowledge in all energy.

Nothing directly experienced is ever lost, as it always imprints into the soul’s consciousness. This automatically expands and uplifts the soul’s vibrational level. This brings the soul’s vibration higher, and closer to God.

imagesIncarnating into this reality, we take on a human suit, which then gets conditioned and imbedded with society’s rules and regulation. Your parent’s mould and shape you to think, feel, and behave. This is in alignment to societies structures, which the majority is based on lack. From a very young age, we are locked into the fear-based non-truthful structure of life on Earth.

Why? As mentioned earlier, to have direct experience of these experiences. Our times are however changing because we are almost done with non-truthful experience.  Our ascension is all about ascending into a love-based reality. All lack structure, control, greed, and fear very soon will move away out of our reality. This is a part of ascension.

Community will start to function from love, not lack and control.  People will start to look for more ways to be of service, encouraging expansion and not restriction. As our heart energy awakens more and more, we all leave behind the lack structures of the mind, and through experiences of love, start to free ourselves from limitation.

eewgggrgvddxTruth is, we have always been divine and whole, but until now we have not been given to opportunity to see who we really are. The more we see who we are, the more driven we will become to be of service to society and all creation.  The more of our truth is seen, the clearer our view of non-separation becomes.

We start to feel more of our deeper connection to all of existence. This ultimately drives us to love all life, knowing everything is actually a part of us. Awakening higher into our ascension process naturally develops self-love and value. This also means loving and valuing more of everything else, as everything is us.

Trevor Gollagher is a Spiritual Visionary, Author and Intuitive. To learn more about his work visit – 


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Trevor Gollagher has over 35 years experience as a spiritual teacher, mentor and visionary. As an author, he has published 17 books, numerous workbooks, DVD’s and assorted media. The founder of the Heart Resonance energy system , his message is simple but very deep and powerful. He believes that everything we desire as humans is obtainable from within ourselves, if only we get out of our own way and allow our divineness to arise. Visit his website to learn about more ways Trevor can help you achieve a higher level of happiness and spiritual consciousness.
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3 Responses to The Times They are a Changing

  1. Tarsha says:

    I love the empowering truthfulness you share with the world of being awakened during this time of
    our consciousness of collective energy. I’m so glad the Universe has led me to find another true Spiritual Teacher like you Trevor!!! GOD BLESS YOU 🙂 🙂

  2. trevorg888 says:

    Thanks for your kind words Tarsha

  3. I love your blog. I love the images you have used in this post, I’ve just started educating myself on chakras 🙂

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