The 8 Pillars of a Conscious and Healthy Life – Part 1


worldThis is the first blog of a series of blogs discussing the 8 Pillars of a Conscious and Healthy Life. In essence, it is the serialisation of one of my books on this topic. I really hope you enjoy reading the 9 blogs I will be posting on this book.

To be a conscious and healthy human being requires high levels of self-love.

When we feel self-value and love, we often do the things that validate a bright and happy life. We act, perceive and function in a healthy way by eating pure foods, exercising, getting good quality sleep, and making more positive choices and decisions.

Remember, all the actions that support and nourish us are the ways in which we express self-love.

Because of this, the 8 Pillars of a Conscious and Healthy Life – Pure Water, Natural Food, Correct Sleep, Meditation, Full Communication, Non-Judgemental Allowance, Exercise and Clean Oxygen – are really the 8 Pillars of Self-love.

Everything we desire as humans is a result of self-love. Health, contentment, joy and abundance all result from actively partaking in this divine frequency.

When we honour ourselves by doing the things that make us healthy and contented, we are truly living the life that God intended. Love yourself and watch all areas of your life change and grow positively.

Creating love can also be called actioning light as the two are within themselves the same. Light is the essence of our soul’s makeup; it is at our core, what we are. In fact, spiritual light is the single most important ingredient for human existence. Without it we are dead.

 Put simply, Light/Love is Life.

How bright our light is determines how conscious and healthy we are. With a lack of light within our bodies, we become mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually negative (unloving) and unhealthy. The lower the light level within, the darker we exist.

As a result, our actions and thoughts get polluted with darkness, causing us to feel burdened and feeling that the world is against us. All life requires light to thrive. When we humans are full of light, we become beacons of happiness, contentment and health.

One of the fundamental aspects of health and vitality comes from the energy we call Chi or life force. Chi is pure light; it is the energy that keeps us alive and vital. People that have the gift to see energy see Chi as light. To me that translates as: Light = Vitality/Health

We have two main types of Chi – protective and nourishing. Both rely on brightness to be healthy. When our protective Chi (Wei Chi) is dull we become exposed to negative energy bombardment from the environment and day-to-day life. This can cause enormous disruption to sleep patterns, thought processes, and even open us up to undesirable external energies and entities.

freedomWhen our nourishing Chi is not vibrant, our whole system is placed under burden as one of its jobs is to nourish the workings of our life. It keeps all systems functioning in a healthy way.

Also our nourishing Chi actually nourishes our protective Chi. So if our nourishing Chi is not healthy, it cannot effectively strengthen our protective Chi, which protects us from our environment – healthy Chi, healthy life.

In our daily lives we need to look at how we function and what we put into our bodies. Every thought, action and perception – basically everything we do – affects our light. A wise person eats, perceives and creates things that carry high levels of light/love. They do their best to not provide darkness to the body, mind and spirit.

Understanding that all things are made up of energy and that all energy is a form of light in different states of intensity, it is in your interest to become aware of what carries high levels of light and what doesn’t.

This is so important as your happiness and health are totally dependent on it. Without being conscious of this, you won’t be equipped to make positive choices that empower your light. Without this level of clarity you will be moving blindly throughout your day, creating your future health and happiness in an unconscious way.

This is a dangerous way to create your life if you are sincere in doing the best you can to have a wonderful life.

So what is the answer? BE CONSCIOUS!

If you are serious about having a conscious and healthy life, the last thing you need to be doing is supplying your body, mind and spirit with darkness. If you are not conscious of what you are creating you are most likely right now burdening your future to some degree.

So how can you become more conscious in the moment of what is of light? … By simply being more aware of how you feel.

Your emotions are an accurate indicator of what you are creating in each moment. If you feel negative, emotionally speaking, in that moment you are creating in an unconscious way – you believe a lie put forward by the mind emanating from the conditioning it holds based on past experience and how you perceived at the time.,

abstract spiral patternWhen you feel negative, simply acknowledging this fact brings your attention to what I call ‘spiritual truth’. Any time you are in a spiritual truthful vibration you are functioning in a conscious state. A simple tip here to start killing off your old non-truthful conditioning is to simply state in your head every time you feel negative this: “Right now I am functioning from a non-truthful belief, and this is why I feel this way.”

Light/love is a natural force; it is a part of nature and of all things pure and conscious. God, in fact, being the highest form of consciousness, is pure light/love. So in becoming more of light, you are in fact becoming more God-like. The closer you get to God, the more naturally loving and healthy you become. It really is that simple.

So from this, you can see the importance of seeking out foods, actions, thoughts and all things that are of light. If you are really serious about health and spirituality/consciousness then “Go to the Light” as they say.

From a spiritual point of view I am sure you have heard the phrase, “That person is enlightened”.

What do you think that means?

Well, the word itself has given you a clue. An enlightened person is full of light, or has become light. An enlightened person has become bright. And with this brightness of energy and vibration, this person is awakening to clarity and a raised consciousness has occurred. A bright light person is full of health, clarity and vitality.

In a sense, a light is shone on one’s perception and they are no longer clouded by darkness. A conscious person literally becomes luminous. Same thing for a healthy person; they are full of light and energy. So as you can see, light is a common factor for a bright, happy, healthy and conscious life.

When we are bright and happy, we are healthy. Happiness is an externalisation of our inner and outer light. When we function with high levels of light, we are living a more authentic life.

So how can I turn up my overall light?

In regards to daily functioning it is important not to create resistance in your life as this causes inflammation emotionally and physically, which in turn darkens your light. Never hold onto your feelings and thoughts (Pillar 5), as this will stagnate your internal energy, causing darkness in your natural energy flow.

Don’t have attachments to people, places and possessions. Do your best to function in a state of total allowance with whatever you become aware of. Allowance is the natural state of God and the universe and will always bring positivity, freedom and love to your life. Allowance is your key to contentment.

In regards to food, the Golden Rule is: If it is in a packet or can, it is dark. Pillar 2 is eating natural food. If it is natural or made by Mother Earth or the universe, or has not been manipulated by mankind, it most likely carries or generates high levels of light.

I am sure you have heard many times before that fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds, especially those that have been organically grown, are the ultimate foods for your body. Do your best to source these and make them the majority of your diet. Even better still, if you have the space and are keen, grow your own.

I watched a documentary recently where one of the presenters talked about only eating food made by the sun. If the sun was not involved in the process of growth it is lacking light.

a beautiful dreamSo if it was made in a factory, most likely it is dark and to a degree unhealthy for your body. Part of the process of attaining light in our life is to eat it. We need light internally as well as externally. It needs to permeate our whole being for us to be conscious and healthy.

Think of it this way: “Light is an essential source of life force.”

Life force is your source power. This is the very thing that keeps you alive and healthy. Knowing this, you can see the importance once again of continually filling up your body with light through a multitude of sources and ways.

For a conscious and healthy life, the eight pillars of light creation are vital. There are many sub-branches to these eight pillars, but let’s keep it simple. These eight pillars will give a strong foundation to create balance and efficient light production in your life. A good balance of each pillar is required to maintain harmony and health.

In the next part of this blogged book I will look at the first pillar for a conscious and healthy life, stay tuned

Lots of love trevor Gollagher


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Trevor Gollagher has over 35 years experience as a spiritual teacher, mentor and visionary. As an author, he has published 17 books, numerous workbooks, DVD’s and assorted media. The founder of the Heart Resonance energy system , his message is simple but very deep and powerful. He believes that everything we desire as humans is obtainable from within ourselves, if only we get out of our own way and allow our divineness to arise. Visit his website to learn about more ways Trevor can help you achieve a higher level of happiness and spiritual consciousness.
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  1. shanna says:

    Very excited to see this as one of your blog topics. I actually am near the end of your book on the 12 pillars. I downloaded it last night. It is one of the most insightful books I have read. And I read alot in the subject. You have opened up some crucial pieces for me and broke them down to where’s I can finally understand. I have had several “ah-hah” moments since opening your book. So glad to have discovered you Mr. Gallagher. Sincerely shanna

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