Lack Structure – Disempower It Now!!!!

Lack Structure – Disempower It Now!!!!

So what is lack structure I hear you ask?
in a nutshell, anything that makes you feel down or negative emotionally Trevor .

Okay, I will name a few examples to give you a better picture of lack structure

  • Most of societies rules and restrictions
  • The repression of thoughts & feelings
  • The non-expression of what one feels
  • Resistance to whatever is present in your current moment
  • Judgement of self, others, and experiences
  • Most of your past conditioning – especially things related to self-value and worth
  • the belief in non-perfection which breeds a desire to “fix things” based on a non-truthful belief  and the associated judgement that spurs this action.

The structure of lack exists in the world due to our belief in it. Lack structure as with all things negative are “mind-made”. and are manifest through the application of the law of attraction.  We create in every moment either truthful or non-truthful energy within our bodies. In each moment this occurs regardless if you are conscious of this or not. Just you reading these words now is changing your internal energy based on the judgment you are making of them.

The first step to freeing yourself of Lack structure and to truly live the life you deserve is to be conscious of what is really happening in the moment. Without knowing what energy you are creating right now, you are not equipped to make decisions based on real truth as opposed to what your mind believes to be true (often there is a massive difference between to two).

If you cannot see the true and clear picture of what is in the now, you are blindly manifesting your life, and if you are really serious about your future happiness and contentment this is a dangerous practice. Be aware of how you feel in the moment as your emotions – how you feel tells you what you are currently giving energy to. If you feel negative in anyway, you are in this moment feeding non-truth emanating out of lack structure which you are actioning based on something the mind believes to be true but in fact is not.

If you believe that you and your subsequent life’s experiences unfolding is not whole, then, you are living a lie. You are burdening your future with lack and hardship. You are creating and empowering the reality of lack structure. That’s okay I suppose someone has to do it, but there is a better way to live your life. A life that honours your incarnation.

Have a look at this little video it contains a simple little technique to help disempower lack in your life –

Lots of Love Trevor

Want more help in living a life full of happiness and contentment? Or do you just want to be more conscious?  Check this out –

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Are you Being Abusive and Calling it Love?

Are you Being Abusive and Calling it Love?

One of the most unloving things you can do is to support someone in the generation of non-truth. What is non-truth? Anything that causes negative emotions either through perception, action, repressing emotion, or speech. 

When non-truth is created, it empowers energetic past conditioning within your internal energy makeup.  When this occurs, you increase the manifestation of negativity or burden into your future. So if you are supporting someone to do this, you are in a sense helping them to create a burdened future. Do you think that is a loving thing to do for someone or yourself?

We often support people in this way because we want them to feel better in the moment. We think by going along with it we are supporting them, but this is not so, and really is quite the opposite. Sometimes we support them because societies structure, beliefs, or our past conditioning tells us it is the right thing to do. 

Supporting people in times of negativity is not a bad thing. However often our support is a disguised form of energetic self-abuse. We think we are being caring and/or loving but it is not.  We may think by going along and agreeing with their negativity we are helping, but really we are just helping them to wallow in negativity. As a result we both enter into the generation of negative energy, which will have a negative impact on both our lives. .

The truly loving way to help someone is to support them to become more conscious.

To help them to see the ramification of their current action so they can make a clearer decision on what they create now and into the future. If a person can clearly see the energetic ramification of their thoughts, perceptions, and actions, one is better equipped to create loving, supportive energy for their future life.

Let’s take for example someone is being very judgmental and is feeling angry, down, and negative because they have perceived someone has been mean or nasty to them or another.  I should mention here that is totally false, as we are always the sole creators of all our experiences – no one does anything against you, you do it to yourself. All experiences that turn up in your life you have asked for via your internal energy – no exceptions!

You are the creator of your world. If you create and empower negative internal energy, you will bring experiences into your life that invoke negative emotions. Why? because your emotions are a validation of what you vibrate within – this is the law of attraction in action.

Change your internal energy, change your external experiences. It really is simple as that. What is the state of your internal energy? Simple, your external experiences and subsequent emotions generated from your perception of these experiences gives you a 100% validation of what you vibrate within. Your emotions tells you the truth to what you vibrate.

okay let’s get back to the topic of the example of judgement. The unloving thing for you to do is to partake in this judgment with them. To support them and go along with this negative judgment, to me, is supporting the person in non-truthful function.

This is such a horrible thing to do to someone.


Because when you do that, you support them to continue to feel this judgment, which will amplify non-truth within their internal energy which empowers the energy within that bought them the current experience that they now are judging. As a result, you strengthen the “Structure of Lack” which deprives contentment from one’s life.

So in a sense, you are helping them to burden their life. Do you think this is a loving thing to do to them? Well I can assure you it is not.

So what is the loving thing to do?

Well as mentioned earlier Trevor  help them to be more conscious.

Help them by shining a light onto the ramification of their present actions. Allow them to see what they are doing to themselves.  If you are given the opportunity to give your opinion, I would share with them that judgment like all things carries an energy. There are two types of energy available in this reality – positive or negative or put another way fearful or loving.

Judgment falls into the non-truthful basket. All non-truth is negative in nature and makeup – it always invokes negative emotion, and more importantly empowers internal negative energies, which is what creates the person’s future via the law of attraction.

So the question here is – why would I want to burden my future?

Why would I want to actively play a part in hurting my future – that’s not very loving to myself.

Why don’t I love and value myself?

Because this action of judgment is really a form of self-abuse. My distorted past conditioning deceives me into thinking that I am doing something good for myself. But my emotions being negative tells me the truth, and that is I am being unloving.

If in any moment you feel negative, you are energetically empowering non-truth which brings lack and burden – your basically believing a lie put forward from your mind’s untruthful conditioning. You are loving and honouring yourself in each moment only if you feel uplifted or positive in your emotions, as all truth is positive. When you are in energetic truth, you are empowering a positive contented future.

Just on another note on judgment – there is nothing in the world that needs judging. Why? Because all experience and people are equal. Every experience serves to expand soul consciousness and is a positive thing. All people are just fragments of God – souls, existing in a human suit to gather direct experience and through this process expand soul consciousness.  All experience and people have the same value and purpose. So by judging someone or thing you are in fact supporting and manifesting into existence the lie of inequality. In so doing, distorting future truth, creating for yourself an illusionary fragmented reality full of negativity.

If negative emotion appears either in you or another, realise the truth of why this occurs.  All negative emotions come from non-truth as truth always feels positive and uplifting to the emotions. Be conscious of why you feel negative  and validate within your head that I must be empowering a non-truth in this moment as that is the only way I can feel negative. Ponder the thought – what is truth in this experience /moment. Give attention to become more conscious. This is the only loving thing to do when non-truth turns up either within you or another.

The non-truthful energy topic is a fascinating one, I will write more on this in future articles

Lots of Love Trevor 

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Part 5 -The * Pillars of a Healthy & Conscious Life

Pillar 4 – Meditation

meditation2Meditation is one of the most important activities for human harmony and function. Everyone alive should meditate regularly as there are just so many proven reasons why we all should. There are many different forms of meditation one could practice, but the form does not need to be complex to be good. In fact, one of my favourite meditation forms to practice is one of the simplest available. I have learnt hundreds of styles of meditation in almost 40 years of practice, and if I had to choose one form to use for the rest of my life, the choice for me would be simple: “Single Minded Meditation”. Singleminded meditation is a variety of mindfulness meditation.

Here is a link to a video of me explaining single-minded meditation.

So what is the purpose of meditation? Meditation allows our consciousness to link with the higher self. It is a tool to gain more self-awareness of who we really are, beyond the personality (our thoughts/beliefs/attitudes) and beyond the feelings experienced through the body. The stillness of mind creates a space where we can access a knowingness that is otherwise elusive. It helps us to communicate with others in a profoundly satisfying way.

Meditation allows us to have a more direct experience of the “Universal Conscious Field” of which all life and matter is a part of. There are many different reasons why people want to meditate. Meditation is a way to consciously acknowledge our basic self, to bring ego under control, and to experience the love and joy coming from our higher aspect.

Some of the more practical benefits of meditation include:

• More energy

• Less tension

• Better sleep

• Less anxiety

• Peace of mind

• Less worries

• Improved health

• Less fatigue

• More harmonious relationships at home and work

• Higher productivity

• Increased tolerance levels

It is always a good idea to set the same time each day to meditate. This will help you keep on track and actually do it. As mentioned earlier, first thing in the morning is a great time of the day to meditate. The energy of the day is still calm and pure and naturally lends itself to meditation practice. It is also just a great way to start the day. I am always much more clear and productive if I meditate first thing in the morning.

The most benefit derived from meditation is from being consistent. A little every day is better than a whole lot once a week. You are better off meditating for five minutes a day than sitting and doing two hours every Sunday. The repetition of daily practice will always bring better results.

Of course, the more you do daily the better your life will be. Regular practice breeds greater tolerance levels for all areas of your life. It actually invokes contentment. We all want contentment. Meditation offers you a pathway to achieve it.

Consciously, we are all a part of the one energy field; there is no separation between all life forms as we are all of the One. When we meditate we have a more direct experience of this fact. This then changes our perception of life in general. We often become more loving of self and others. We experience empathy on greater levels and generally live a more conscious and authentic life.

Meditation naturally develops a state of allowance. Where there is allowance there is no restriction or resistance. In this moment we are in harmony with the universe and God itself. This is a good place to be and is ultimately the highest expression of love.

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Part 4 – Pillar 3 – Correct Sleep

Correct Sleep

Abstract landscape

Abstracted landscape

Good quality sleep is essential to maintain a healthy life. Your body needs good quality sleep to repair the damage created to it throughout daily function.

General day-to-day living takes an enormous toll on the body’s systems. It needs regular maintenance to keep healthy and strong. It is a bit like a car; if you drive your car non-stop and don’t get it serviced regularly, it

will break down. Your body gets automatically serviced every night whilst asleep – sleep being the important word here.

The body only repairs itself when we are asleep – no sleep, no repair.

Another interesting and important thing happens when we sleep. Our Wei Chi (protective Chi) is recharged. Wei Chi provides energetic protection from negative bombardment. It works like an energetic barrier to the negativity that we become exposed to on a daily basis.

This energy layer also needs regular maintenance to remain healthy and strong so it can be effective in protecting you. Wei Chi is only nourished and recharged during the hours of 10 pm and 2 am, and only if we are asleep.

Being in deep sleep during these hours is essential for Wei Chi health. If you are not asleep during these hours, Wei Chi cannot withdraw into the body to be nourished by nourishing Chi and eventually weakens. This exposes you to all sorts of undesirable energies that will affect you on many levels.

Wei Chi is an energetic layer that extends a little out from the skin. For people that see energy, it appears like a fine layer of white smoke around the body. As mentioned earlier, Wei Chi is a protective energy field that stops a lot of the negative energy that you come in contact with throughout your day from penetrating your body.

It is so important to keep this layer strong and healthy. People that have weak Wei Chi often feel lethargic, get colds and flus, and often feel a little down and grey. Weak Wei Chi can also increase the likelihood of picking up discarnates, entities and unauthorised energetic violations. Strong Wei Chi doesn’t guarantee you won’t experience any of these things, but it greatly decreases the likelihood.

So when was the last time you were in bed and asleep by 9.30 pm? A healthy sleep pattern is to be in bed by 9 pm and up early around 5 am for meditation or exercise. Creating these sleep habits is being very loving to self. And remember, everything you desire in life comes from self-love. This is yet another way to achieve this.

When the body gets good sleep, it functions so much better. You feel fresh and invigorated, alive and full of energy. The mind is clearer, stress levels decrease and your daily productivity greatly increases.

General lack of sleep can affect you in many other negative ways; for example, it has a dramatic effect on your immune system. A study at Carnegie Mellon University in 2009 proved lack of sleep increases vulnerability to infections.

Good sleep makes you think better, solve problems better, look more attractive, live longer and even have better sex. Your health and happiness is important; sleep helps you to achieve this. When you put the effort into going to bed early, you are honouring and valuing yourself. There is nothing more important than doing something that supports a healthy life. Whether you have work to do or your friends want you to go out and party, think about your health instead.

Okay, it is alright to make a few exceptions every now and then to not get your sleep – life is about fun too – but don’t make this the norm. My Golden Rule is always to be in bed by 9.30 pm during the week, and occasionally I will stay up later on weekends if the occasion arises.

Regardless of the excuses my mind wants to use to validate why I should be up, like – “I need to get my work done” or “It won’t matter if I stay up and watch this movie till 1 am” – all of these things once again deprive you of good health and prevent you from loving yourself.

So if I don’t have good sleep practices the question here is “Why don’t I love myself?” “Why don’t I feel I deserve good health?” Because by not sleeping I am basically actively partaking in self-abuse. You are not honouring yourself, so GET TO SLEEP!

If you are not in the practice of going to bed early, I understand it’s not easy. Old patterns are hard to break. But at some stage you really need to take a long look at yourself and say, “I need to do this for my health, happiness and love of self, Yes, I do deserve a good life regardless of feeling underserving because of my past non-truthful conditioning”.

Get good quality sleep and watch your life change miraculously before your eyes.

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The 8 Pillars of a Conscious and Healthy Life part 3

Natural Food

abstract spiral pattern, digital illustration

abstract spiral pattern, digital illustration

Food made by Mother Nature carries the highest levels of light. The other side of this statement is anything that has been manipulated by man is dark in energy and light.

Golden Rule: If it is in a packet it is most likely dark.

Generally speaking, eating man-made foods darkens our internal energy, leading us toward an unconscious and unhealthy state of being. Being unconscious will lead to negativity in thoughts, function and eventually ill health.

Organic, sun-enriched foods are the best. Fruits, vegetables, seeds and all foods grown by Mother Earth are the closest to light. Light is love and super nourishing to your life. Foods of nature literally carry light from the sun, and when eaten supply light internally. We need light within and permeating from us to be healthy, vibrant and conscious human beings.

There are many debates on whether we should eat lots of little meals throughout the day or the traditional three meals a day. Some people suggest fasting twice a week or even skipping breakfast to support the body and its function. I personally don’t know what is the ‘correct’ diet, if in fact it actually exists.

We are all different, so I believe each of us require a different set of food requirements. Within each of us reside many repressed emotions and energetic imprints and conditioning. All of these things put a very unique set of stresses on different parts of the body and its function. As a result we need different types of nourishment to counteract these burdening energies.

objectFood of light is one form of nourishment that your body needs. Ultimately, however, if we continue to hold on – repress, resist, and stagnate – our energy with non-truthful, dark energies, no food will help maintain health regardless of its quality.

Stagnation and the resistance to our natural energy flow caused by the repression of emotions will eventually kill us if not addressed. Every time you resist your mind-made, non-truthful fears, you put another nail in your coffin.

Anyway, let’s get back to food. So what diet is right for you? Well, my opinion is to listen to your body and intuitively eat what feels right, keeping in mind the principles of light.

One key point I would like to mention, however, is that your diet should consist of a lot of alkaline foods. Human blood pH should be slightly alkaline (7.35 – 7.45). Below or above this range means symptoms and disease.

When you are stressed or repressing thoughts and feelings, your body naturally turn acidic, which is not healthy for your life. If you are one of these types of people, you should consider exercise, dealing with your emotions and eating more alkaline foods to counteract their influence.

Follow the link below to get a list of acidic and alkalizing foods. This site has lots of information about maintaining acidic/alkaline balance and its importance for your health and happiness:

As mentioned earlier, if it has been made in a factory, or manipulated in any way by man, most likely it is not the type of food you want to put into your body. Eating dark food is a very unloving thing to do to yourself and will only lead to a negative future. This type of darkened future is not a life you would wish for yourself or deserve.

The Healing SpiralI think a varied diet is a good way to go. Don’t eat the same food over and over. A broad spectrum of foods increases the selection of vitamins and minerals for your body to utilise. I always try to eat foods that are seasonal and preferably grown locally. Farmers markets are a good place to source these types of foods.

But once again we all require different things as we are all individual. What works for me may not work for you. As long as your food is of the light, you are loving your digestive system and your overall health and existence.

Keep in mind that food is a way to self-nurture and self-love. By eating nourishing, fresh, local-produced foods you are supporting your overall health, vitality and ultimate happiness and contentment. By eating these foods you are honoring your soul’s incarnation.

Visit Trevor Gollagher’s website to learn more ways to have a better life – 

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The Externalisation of Happiness

Beautiful fractal flower in green and yellow. Computer generated graphics.

Beautiful fractal flower in green and yellow. Computer generated graphics.

In our modern world  it has become normal to seek instant gratification of things, material and non-material, including happiness.

Many people are looking for contentment, but very few people are actually finding it.

Why are they not finding it?

Simple, they are looking in the wrong place. They are looking outside of themselves instead of looking where true happiness is found – within.

What is it that actually generates happiness?

Well it all starts with one’s perception, which is intimately linked to the emotional system. How we perceive dictates how we feel.

So knowing this, what makes us happy? 

Is it something external like an experience or person, or maybe some material thing? Maybe something you experienced or a something you may have bought, won, or some kind soul has given you. Answer – No

It is actually how you perceive that changes your emotion.  You are the sole creator of how you feel. So really your happiness is not determined by what is outside of you, it is totally manifest through an internal mechanism.

What does this mean? 

Once again it’s simple – happiness is an internal manifestation brought into being via perception. If i can perceive anything at all from a positive non-lacking truth, I will always feel happy. I am the sole creator of my happiness, not some external thing or person. I am totally responsible for my happiness or misery.

So if i feel unhappy, I need to look within, as I am the one creating this emotion.

I will let you in on a little secret – we are not actually lacking happiness, we just think we are. We think this way because of our past negative, lack-infused conditioning. Unhappiness is a deluded state of existence based on a mind-made distorted perception of how life works and how much the mind believes in lack (non-truth). We also manifest unhappiness for ourselves because of our non-truthful belief that we are not valuable or don’t deserve love.

If you are seeking happiness, look within not outside of yourself. If you become aware you feel negative or down in your emotions, just ask yourself the question “what non-truth am I currently believing and what is the truth in regards to this emotion?” Once you put forward this thought in your mind, just sit and allow in a non-judgemental way and watch your emotion shift into positivity.

I wish you lots of love and happiness Trevor

Learn more about the author – 

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The 8 Pillars of a Conscious and Healthy Life – Part 2

Pillar 1- Pure Water

7Y2UD00ZWater is an essential ingredient in human life. We are approximately 70% water and this percentage is required to maintain harmony and balance within our function. The body releases litres and litres of water every day via sweat, going to the toilet and numerous other means. So it is important to replace this loss of water to keep balance within our makeup and chemistry.

Again, keeping in mind the importance of filling our bodies with pure light, the water we drink should be as pure as possible. High mountain stream water carries high levels of light. But unfortunately many of us don’t live high up in the mountains in a pure environment. So accessing the purest form of water we can is important. The purer the water, the more light it contains.

The water out of our taps is full of chemicals and negative imprinting. The majority of the vibration of both of these things is man-made and therefore dark. The more you can remove these dark energies before you drink water, the better off you will be. Buy a good water filter to help reduce the chemicals. A filter may not remove fully all the toxic impurities, but removing some is better than none.

The negative energy imprinting can be dealt with by praying over the water before drinking it or by using some energetic clearing technique such as Heart Resonance, Reiki, Toning or Chanting.

Banff_scenicAnother easy way to help this is to write words of light onto the glass that you drink out of; for example, Love, God, Happiness and so on. The late Dr Emoto, a Japanese scientist, proved that simply putting words like this onto the container you use for your water storage would totally transform the structure of the water. Yes, water is that manipulable.

Once you do this to your water then comes the important part – you have to drink it. I know many people find it hard to drink the required amounts of water daily.

It sounds funny but if you are not in the habit of drinking water, you won’t feel inclined to do so. In fact, it can be difficult to drink it because your taste buds will reject it, even though you need it. So being committed to drinking at least 2–4 litres of water a day takes effort, initially. Over time, however, it does become a habit, and when this occurs it will feel strange not to drink.

One way I have found to help keep me on track is to fill up two one-litre bottles of water, and I make sure I drink them all before going to bed. This allows me to see if I have actually been drinking throughout the day as it is very easy to forget to drink. If I am doing lots of exercise, I will drink even more water. Remember, what you release through sweat and going to the toilet needs to be replaced.

Don’t rely on just getting a glass every now and then between your daily activities, especially if you are not in the habit of drinking. You will not be able to calculate if in fact you have been drinking enough water throughout your day. You may think you have had enough water, but often you haven’t.

Buy filling my bottles each morning I can see how much I have actually drunk. It also allows me to spread my water consumption more evenly throughout the day. The last thing I want is a litre of water left at night that I have to finish just before going to bed. Without the right amount of water, the body will dehydrate. When this occurs, your whole body is affected – Mentally, Emotionally and

Physically. When you don’t drink enough water, your body becomes dry. This puts enormous amounts of stress onto all systems and organs within your body.

Chronic lack of water will also cause inflammation in mind, body and soul. Inflammation and stress caused by the lack of water also causes the body to become more acidic. High acid levels in the body can be a major cause of disease, especially cancer. Chronic lack of water, I believe, can also be a factor in arthritis, lack of vitality, depression and any condition of inflammation.

hawaiian waterfallsSo, make sure you drink enough water daily. What is the recommended daily amount of water to drink? This is a hard question to answer. We all have different needs depending on age, weight, amount of exercise and if your body runs hot or not.

My measuring stick is my urine. If your urine doesn’t look light in colour something around the colour of lemon juice, you are possibly dehydrated. Dark urine often means you need water. The first release of urine in the morning often is darker. Why? Because of all the repair work your body has done throughout the night. But it still shouldn’t be very dark.

Please note: This is a general guideline for me. Many conditions and even foods you eat can have an impact on urine colour. So this is not a Golden Rule set in concrete. I find between 2–3 litres of water a day is good for me. You will need to find your optimal amount.

An important thing to remember is if you feel dry in the mouth you are already dehydrated. So don’t wait till you get to this point before drinking. I find little sips of water frequently keeps me well hydrated and on track to get my optimal level of water in my day.

By frequent sipping, water assimilates better into my system, so I am not running continually to the toilet from drinking too much at once. Drinking enough water throughout your day is a loving thing to do for yourself. It nurtures your body and is a way to honour and value yourself. Drinking water is one of the primary ways to supply light to your body. Remember, water itself is light, and considering we are mainly water is a major factor in our existence.

Just another point about water, and what it is, or is not. Water is most definitely not coffee, soft drinks or alcohol. Don’t confuse liquids with water. As soon as you add anything to water it becomes food and is no longer simply water. What you add to your water will determine what light level that food will have.

If you are drinking water, drink pure water with no additives. The only exception I suggest is a little squeeze of lemon juice, especially first thing in the morning. This is a great way to awaken the body’s system and alkalise the digestive system after a night of acidic repairing and healing.

Another helpful hint about water too is never to drink cold water. The body needs the water you drink to be at body temperature to utilise it. So if you drink cold water your body needs to expend energy to warm it up before use. Slightly warm water is best. So throw away your ice cubes, even on a hot day.

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The 8 Pillars of a Conscious and Healthy Life – Part 1


worldThis is the first blog of a series of blogs discussing the 8 Pillars of a Conscious and Healthy Life. In essence, it is the serialisation of one of my books on this topic. I really hope you enjoy reading the 9 blogs I will be posting on this book.

To be a conscious and healthy human being requires high levels of self-love.

When we feel self-value and love, we often do the things that validate a bright and happy life. We act, perceive and function in a healthy way by eating pure foods, exercising, getting good quality sleep, and making more positive choices and decisions.

Remember, all the actions that support and nourish us are the ways in which we express self-love.

Because of this, the 8 Pillars of a Conscious and Healthy Life – Pure Water, Natural Food, Correct Sleep, Meditation, Full Communication, Non-Judgemental Allowance, Exercise and Clean Oxygen – are really the 8 Pillars of Self-love.

Everything we desire as humans is a result of self-love. Health, contentment, joy and abundance all result from actively partaking in this divine frequency.

When we honour ourselves by doing the things that make us healthy and contented, we are truly living the life that God intended. Love yourself and watch all areas of your life change and grow positively.

Creating love can also be called actioning light as the two are within themselves the same. Light is the essence of our soul’s makeup; it is at our core, what we are. In fact, spiritual light is the single most important ingredient for human existence. Without it we are dead.

 Put simply, Light/Love is Life.

How bright our light is determines how conscious and healthy we are. With a lack of light within our bodies, we become mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually negative (unloving) and unhealthy. The lower the light level within, the darker we exist.

As a result, our actions and thoughts get polluted with darkness, causing us to feel burdened and feeling that the world is against us. All life requires light to thrive. When we humans are full of light, we become beacons of happiness, contentment and health.

One of the fundamental aspects of health and vitality comes from the energy we call Chi or life force. Chi is pure light; it is the energy that keeps us alive and vital. People that have the gift to see energy see Chi as light. To me that translates as: Light = Vitality/Health

We have two main types of Chi – protective and nourishing. Both rely on brightness to be healthy. When our protective Chi (Wei Chi) is dull we become exposed to negative energy bombardment from the environment and day-to-day life. This can cause enormous disruption to sleep patterns, thought processes, and even open us up to undesirable external energies and entities.

freedomWhen our nourishing Chi is not vibrant, our whole system is placed under burden as one of its jobs is to nourish the workings of our life. It keeps all systems functioning in a healthy way.

Also our nourishing Chi actually nourishes our protective Chi. So if our nourishing Chi is not healthy, it cannot effectively strengthen our protective Chi, which protects us from our environment – healthy Chi, healthy life.

In our daily lives we need to look at how we function and what we put into our bodies. Every thought, action and perception – basically everything we do – affects our light. A wise person eats, perceives and creates things that carry high levels of light/love. They do their best to not provide darkness to the body, mind and spirit.

Understanding that all things are made up of energy and that all energy is a form of light in different states of intensity, it is in your interest to become aware of what carries high levels of light and what doesn’t.

This is so important as your happiness and health are totally dependent on it. Without being conscious of this, you won’t be equipped to make positive choices that empower your light. Without this level of clarity you will be moving blindly throughout your day, creating your future health and happiness in an unconscious way.

This is a dangerous way to create your life if you are sincere in doing the best you can to have a wonderful life.

So what is the answer? BE CONSCIOUS!

If you are serious about having a conscious and healthy life, the last thing you need to be doing is supplying your body, mind and spirit with darkness. If you are not conscious of what you are creating you are most likely right now burdening your future to some degree.

So how can you become more conscious in the moment of what is of light? … By simply being more aware of how you feel.

Your emotions are an accurate indicator of what you are creating in each moment. If you feel negative, emotionally speaking, in that moment you are creating in an unconscious way – you believe a lie put forward by the mind emanating from the conditioning it holds based on past experience and how you perceived at the time.,

abstract spiral patternWhen you feel negative, simply acknowledging this fact brings your attention to what I call ‘spiritual truth’. Any time you are in a spiritual truthful vibration you are functioning in a conscious state. A simple tip here to start killing off your old non-truthful conditioning is to simply state in your head every time you feel negative this: “Right now I am functioning from a non-truthful belief, and this is why I feel this way.”

Light/love is a natural force; it is a part of nature and of all things pure and conscious. God, in fact, being the highest form of consciousness, is pure light/love. So in becoming more of light, you are in fact becoming more God-like. The closer you get to God, the more naturally loving and healthy you become. It really is that simple.

So from this, you can see the importance of seeking out foods, actions, thoughts and all things that are of light. If you are really serious about health and spirituality/consciousness then “Go to the Light” as they say.

From a spiritual point of view I am sure you have heard the phrase, “That person is enlightened”.

What do you think that means?

Well, the word itself has given you a clue. An enlightened person is full of light, or has become light. An enlightened person has become bright. And with this brightness of energy and vibration, this person is awakening to clarity and a raised consciousness has occurred. A bright light person is full of health, clarity and vitality.

In a sense, a light is shone on one’s perception and they are no longer clouded by darkness. A conscious person literally becomes luminous. Same thing for a healthy person; they are full of light and energy. So as you can see, light is a common factor for a bright, happy, healthy and conscious life.

When we are bright and happy, we are healthy. Happiness is an externalisation of our inner and outer light. When we function with high levels of light, we are living a more authentic life.

So how can I turn up my overall light?

In regards to daily functioning it is important not to create resistance in your life as this causes inflammation emotionally and physically, which in turn darkens your light. Never hold onto your feelings and thoughts (Pillar 5), as this will stagnate your internal energy, causing darkness in your natural energy flow.

Don’t have attachments to people, places and possessions. Do your best to function in a state of total allowance with whatever you become aware of. Allowance is the natural state of God and the universe and will always bring positivity, freedom and love to your life. Allowance is your key to contentment.

In regards to food, the Golden Rule is: If it is in a packet or can, it is dark. Pillar 2 is eating natural food. If it is natural or made by Mother Earth or the universe, or has not been manipulated by mankind, it most likely carries or generates high levels of light.

I am sure you have heard many times before that fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds, especially those that have been organically grown, are the ultimate foods for your body. Do your best to source these and make them the majority of your diet. Even better still, if you have the space and are keen, grow your own.

I watched a documentary recently where one of the presenters talked about only eating food made by the sun. If the sun was not involved in the process of growth it is lacking light.

a beautiful dreamSo if it was made in a factory, most likely it is dark and to a degree unhealthy for your body. Part of the process of attaining light in our life is to eat it. We need light internally as well as externally. It needs to permeate our whole being for us to be conscious and healthy.

Think of it this way: “Light is an essential source of life force.”

Life force is your source power. This is the very thing that keeps you alive and healthy. Knowing this, you can see the importance once again of continually filling up your body with light through a multitude of sources and ways.

For a conscious and healthy life, the eight pillars of light creation are vital. There are many sub-branches to these eight pillars, but let’s keep it simple. These eight pillars will give a strong foundation to create balance and efficient light production in your life. A good balance of each pillar is required to maintain harmony and health.

In the next part of this blogged book I will look at the first pillar for a conscious and healthy life, stay tuned

Lots of love trevor Gollagher

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The Importance of Full and Truthful Communication

Full Communication

Cosmos BackgroundWithout expressing our thoughts and feelings, we stagnate our internal energy flow. All stagnation creates darkness and brings to us a life that we do not deserve. A life filled with burden, pain and hardship.

One of the sure-fire ways to make ourselves ill is to not express what we are feeling. When we have feelings that are not communicated because of our non-truthful fears, they don’t just magically disappear. They stay within the body, causing energetic blockage and restriction, and impact negatively our overall vibration quality.

When this occurs, it puts the whole body under stress and eventually will cause our natural flow of energy to stagnate in different parts of the body. Stagnated energy becomes putrid and dark.

Darkness is energetic illness and is very toxic and detrimental to the overall health of the mind, body and spirit. When the body has darkness within, it needs to work a lot harder to do its best to maintain homeostasis (the body’s attempt to maintain balance and function).

As mentioned earlier, we often don’t communicate and express what we feel out of fear. Fear of being judged, fear of aggressive reaction, or even fear of being seen we are not good enough or valuable.

Spiritual EarthAll of these reasons are “mind-made”, untruthful perceptions that the mind is conditioned with. These deluded perceptions are based on past experiences and the perceptions we held at the time we created them.

If you look at all things, including our thoughts and feelings, as energy, we can simplify our life. Everything that exists is a part of the one energy of existence and creation.

Generally speaking, there are two aspects to this one energy – positive (universally made of truth), negative (made from the mind’s conditioning) or put another way darkness (non-truth) and light (truth). In every moment we are influencing the energy we are made up of through perceiving what is presenting as truth or non-truth.

If we perceive something as negative (non-truth) we often automatically go in to resistance or reaction. This will always invoke powerful negative emotions, which will amplify and make more real the non-truthful belief within that brought the experience in the first place. To have a healthy and positive life requires that in each moment we create light energy, or put another way perceive what is real as opposed to what the mind believes to be real. More times than not the mind is telling you lies based on its conditioning.

The expression of our thoughts and feeling creates energetic movement, which always lightens our frequency. Now there are two ways to express our thoughts and feelings – with judgement and blame, or by seeing and expressing from truth. Judgement and blame only exist because we don’t truly perceive accurately. We believe that something or someone is causing this experience.

Abstract backgroundThe truth is, no one or thing can be blamed for anything that happens in your life’s experiences. Why? Because all things you see with your eyes you have created from your internal energy. You are creating your experiences. You are the conductor of your life’s orchestra. You are the creator of your world regardless of what turns up.

Here is a link to download a MP3 file of a lecture I did on this topic titled “The Cause of Anger”:

An important thing to remember is your perception is directly linked to your emotional system, and every time you perceive you change how you feel. This shift in your emotions is a validation of what you vibrate within yourself. I am sure you have heard of the Universal Law of Attraction. Well, this energetic law works like this – validation through emotions felt:

  1. You perceive something in your external world.
  2. You then make a judgement of it based on your past conditioning.
  3. In the same moment the perception invokes a shift in your emotions.

It really has nothing to do with people or circumstances as these are only conduits the universe uses to allow you to perceive and then invoke emotions to validate what you vibrate within.

colored shapesThe universe is always showing you a truthful picture of what you are through this process. Why? Because the universe loves you and wants to help you to live in a conscious way.

For example, if in your perceived experience you feel someone has not valued you, this feeling you are experiencing tells me you have an energetic imprint within of “I am not valuable”. What you feel is what you are. From this negative emotional experience you can see that what you feel often happens as a result of believing something that is not true.

Your emotions are always a truthful validation of what you vibrate inside.

Visit Trevor’s website to get help to live a more loving, healthy, and conscious life – 

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A little about Heart Resonance

Heart Resonance

logo-icon copyIn a nutshell Heart Resonance is an energetic system that I grounded onto the planet  about 16-17 years ago. It is an continually growing system with activations and information given to me  from spirit.

It is currently taught in four levels – Level One , Practitioner level, Advanced Practitioner level, Advanced Practitioner Master Class. There is also a Heart Resonance Planetary and Personal Grid activation available as well.  Finally there is also Heart Resonance Teachers training available too.

As Heart Resonance has grown and expanded through the years, active practitioners have experienced an increase in their ability to handle greater flows of spirit energy. As a result, they naturally become subtler in vibration. This has had a broad ramifications for their lives, such as: a greater level of sensitivity to energy in general; more intuition; and a clearer view of what is spiritually true within their lives and others’. They have become more aware, more realised.

When I look back to when I first grounded Heart Resonance onto the planet, and the journey I have been on since then, my perception of why it is here starts to make a lot more sense. Even how my spirit teachers have changed through this time also makes  more sense.

blue HRT logoWith each new teacher having been more intense in energy than the previous one/s, they have had a greater impact on my energy. Each spirit teacher has had a transformational impact on my life, stepping  me further and further along my awakening. Everything has been geared  towards building greater capacity and tolerance to higher  spiritual light. The more spirit energy impacting on my body, the more conscious I have become, and this is the case for others who have  the Heart Resonance  Transmission/s. It has been a gradual and nurtured process of energetic expansion.

Heart Resonance’s powerful ability to release deep seated negative emotions and imprints is profound. Also it’s ability to bring a person into a more allowing energetic place and function thereby allowing the person to live in a more conscious way is astounding. I have been trained in many energetic systems throughout the 40 odd years I have been working with energy, and Heart Resonance never ceases to amaze me in its simplicity and how it positively changes people’s lives.

HEART_RES_EBOOK_SMALLI have a sincere desire for many people to access Heart Resonance, the world would be a far better place if that occurred. So  I would like to give you a present of my official Heart Resonance book that explains in more detail my journey and how Heart Resonance can benefit you and the planet. If after reading the book you feel drawn to join the global Heart Resonance  family of conscious people I urge you to seek out a Heart Resonance teacher  near you and do a workshop.

Lots of love and happiness Trevor Gollagher -founder of the Heart Resonance system.

Grab a Free copy of the book Heart Resonance here – 


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