The Practice of Stillness

The Practice of Stillness

floral mandalaOn a recent trip to north western California, at a place called Mt Shasta I became conscious of stillness. I was sitting in a forest of Red Fir trees meditating and became aware of the energy of stillness emanating from the trees.

It was like the trees were showing me how to “Be”.  These graceful trees were so balanced and stable in their energies – it was so present, that the stillness emitted a sound.

I learnt a lot about being still in an open, non-attached way. No thoughts, just total acceptance of being with all my surrounds in allowance and presence. To me, it was a deeper experience of mindfulness that I had never experienced before.  I experienced communion with the Fir trees and was ‘at one’ with them.

I have been blessed in my life to have had numerous self-realisation experiences and awakenings which gave me a direct experience of connectedness, but this was a new experience all together. It was not a case of feeling connected to them, it was more like they were showing me how to achieve consciousness in action throughout my life.

Through this experience, I realised how unconscious most people are throughout their day-to-day lives. I realised that we miss the moment, and more importantly, what is in it. When we are conscious in the moment, we are experiencing what is real, as opposed to what the mind wishes to manufacture.

If we a busy in the mind planning tomorrow, worrying about the past or future, we deprive ourselves of what is now. By being still and present, we allow ourselves to live life authentically. To directly experience our truth and experiences in each moment. This conscious experience revitalises, empowers, and awakens our life in a very powerful and divine way, leading to a total state of contentment.

green mandalaIn a nutshell, we live life as God intended – pure, awake and loving.

The practice of stillness is the practice of total allowance. Being present without judgement of self, others, experience, and the environment. Being present with all that you become aware of in each moment. Sitting in communion with life and its experiences.

With stillness and presence comes non-restriction. When we are allowing of all that we become aware of, we cease to resist our lives, thereby freeing ourselves from the conditioning of the mind. We set ourselves free from dogma, and the structure of lack. We cease to experience “wrong” and live fulfilled.

Fear, and all negative states of experience are no longer judged, resisted, or attached to.  Even if these energies appear in our moment, we stay present with them in a non-judgemental and allowing way – it is not wrong, as all experience is the exact one your soul wants. There is never a need to judge, and try to resist or change any experience. In so doing, you are depriving your soul the experience it wants.

Try taking the time sometime today to just sit and be present with the moment. To really observe what is present with you. There is much more happening right now then you realise.

If you are not present with the moment, you are missing out on the joy of it. Each moment of your life is joyful and positive if you are in allowance with it.  When you don’t judge, resist, or attach, you are fully conscious.

Being conscious is always positive and uplifting experience.

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Spiritual Distractions


Fotolia 26381597 XSSpiritual Distractions

Recently, during some down time and inner reflection, I realized the importance of getting back to basics in regards to spiritual practice and life in general. It is very easy to get caught up in the latest practice, new programme, or distraction to what is really spiritually true and important.

There are many forms of spiritual distractions – the practices that externalise our focus. The practices that don’t self-empower and bring us all to a more conscious and truthful life. Practices applied based on the judgment or the desire for improvement, or the need to get somewhere else rather than where you already are.

Any practice that doesn’t encourage allowance – the state of non-resistance and non-judgment, is really a distraction from your truth.

It’s indeed a great pity that more people dont persue allowance in daily life. When we do we live more authentically. Nothing is needed, nor action to be applied to experience what is divinely right for you.

It only requires less distraction and judgment of wrong or lack. When we consider the possibility that life is unfolding perfectly and there is no flaws or lack, we will all cease the action of fixing or improving. When this occurs, truth of one’s divine experience is allowed to be directly experienced. 

If we all spend more time experiencing what is in the moment unfolding then looking externally for change, we would experience our very own bliss.

How conscious are you really of what is happening right now?  

Do you feel your whole body?

Do you hear all the sounds of life that are happening right now in your close proximity?

Do you feel the life within you?

Are you aware of your resistances?

Are you aware of the depth of your breath?

Fotolia 25179835 XSIf you are not aware of what is happening right know without making judgment of it (detached observation of life) – you are living unconsciously. You are living in a repressed unaware state, depriving yourself of your divine light. You are actively avoiding the potential to experience your true state of love. In so doing you are not honouring who you are – a divine fragment of God.

Take time out to just “be” without judgment or blame. To just allow yourself to observe the moment and relax into whatever you feel without the desire to resist, or to make change.  Be thankful for this moment of divine perfection unfolding. Be with your experience, whatever it is. There are no wrong experiences – experience just is.

Know that whatever you become aware of is the exact experience your soul wants. Know all experiences serve to expand your soul’s vibration and consciousness. There is no wrong in divine plan, only non-truthful perception of it, which drives all negative emotion. 

When truth is percieved, joy is experienced. When we see lack or fear, judgment of wrong is made, then we enter resistance, which only leads to more unhappiness.

Your life is never ever wrong and if you allow yourself to experience it without judgment, resistance, or control, you will experience your truth – the light and love of your diviness.

I recorded a little talk on resitance, control and attachement a few years ago you might like to listen to. Honestly, I cannot remember what is actually on it, but I am sure you will find it helpful. I usually sell these recordings, but please accept it as a gift. Link to MP3 file of talk is here –

 Lots of love to you

Trevor Gollagher is a spiritual visionary, teacher, and author with over 35 years of experience. Visit his site – 

as an added bonus and to help you be a little more conscious try the single minded meditation practice here –

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Your A Fractal – Get Over It

mandleI am sure you have heard of the saying as above, so below. This means everything is really fractal in nature and make up – everything is a bigger or smaller version of everything else.

As with all true fractals, every piece of it is the same as every other part of it.  If you magnify any part of the image you see to the left it is the same as all the image. This replication goes on into infinity. This image is a classic mandlebrot fractal.

As everything in existence is a duplicate of everything else I assume (because of my belief in an energy I label God) I am at my core, the same energy as God. Unfortunately, due to my non-truthful conditioning and perceptions based on past experiences, and how I perceived them at the time, I believe I am separate and less then the energy of God. I am conditioned with the non-truth of who I am, and as a result spend most of my life resisting the things I believe are wrong.

If there is only one energy in existence as spirit and science both tell us this, and if in fact everything is a giant big fractal – then I am God and so are you and so is everything.

So we are God, and God is perfect, and never experiences mistakes, what does that tell you about your life?

Is your life ever wrong?

Or is your negative and perceived wrong experiences just non-truthful perceptions that manifest into reality because of your attention and belief in non-truth that creates these illusionary exerpiences?

When I function differently from the rest of the fractal, I instigate dis-harmony between me and the rest of what I am a part of. In a sense, I am not directly experiencing my vibrational truth with the rest of me – being all of existence.

The most loving and harmonious life I can create for myself comes from being in harmony with all of me. Ideally, being loving to all of existence, as all existence and things within it are actually me.

Colorful MandalaLove is the energy of my pure essence, so by being loving to everything I am living from from true state of beingness. Also when I create the energy of true non-judgmental love, I create a natural harmonic with who I am – God

Loving all energy and life is the full extension of self-love and who I am. When one loves self (all things in existence), one is contented. Your level of contentment is a sign of how conscious you are.

Try just for one day to see everything that you can perceive, feel, or envision as you.

Ask yourself what is the loving thing to do for me right now (me being all that I currently see, feel, and perceive)

This person in front of me – how can I be more loving to this part of me right now? what can I do to allow this part of me to feel loved, valued, and supported.

This plant in the forest – how can I love this part of me now to allow it to grow and be nourished with life?

Once you have done this for one day, do your best to do it for 2 days then 3, until this way of function becomes your natural way to exist and live.

Remember whatever you feel or do, you are doing it to yourself. And if it is not loving, then you are not loving and honouring yourself. Remember – the life you dearly desire comes from loving self, meaning all of you, remember you are a little piece of the fractal.

To love all life knowing it all is you is the highhest and most divine way to exist. Why because  God does this and considering your are God, by creating and functioning in life in this way brings you into full harmony and alignment with the bigger aspect of yourself – the part we call God.

This then allows you to have a more direct experience of your true nature and energetic quality – God.

In a sense you live more truthful and conscious.

What a wonderful life that would be…

Lots of Love Trevor


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In My Heart

Fotolia 51658830 SThere is never a moment that we are without the love and concsiousness of our true being – God.

We never stray from who we are, but can very easily forget what we have always been. When we immerse ourselves into our divinity, we experience much joy and love. As we live more conscious, we discover our own truth. When we decide to embrace our truth and being-ness, we live in the flow of love. It is then that we discover negativity is only an illusion put forward by the mind and its conditioning.

When we perceive our lives in alignment to our truth, we begin to discover the freedom that it brings to our lives. Joy is not something that needs to be worked on, it is our natural state, and is our divine right to directly experience in every moment. If only we disbelieved the perceptions and conditionings we have built up over the years. If only we stopped trying to fix our lives, or remove our past perceived burderns and hardships.

As soon as we apply action or make judgement that we need to change or perceive wrong , we instantly deepen our connection to and amplify the structure of lack within ourselves, which is the creator of all negativity.

When we all embrace our truths, and live knowing we are already everything we seek, we then truly start to live. In every one of us resides enlightenment and consciousness, and is always available to each and every one of us if we stopped trying to make change.

To cease to resist and judge our lives and all the expereinces within it. Until we do, we can never have the level of contentment we seek.  Until we trust that our divine perfection is always unfolding perfectly, regardless of what we perceive is happening.

Remember, all truth is positive, if in any moment we feel or experience negativity, burden or hardship, it categorically tells us, we are believing our non-truthful conditioning. It is not your life going wrong, it is your perception manifesting non-truthfull lack, and is colouring your reality with burdening fear-based illusion.

We all, in each moment, experience the exact experience our soul’s have come to experience, and if we allow ourselves to acknoledge this fact, joy would appear in all experience.

It is my sincere desire that you live your life consciously, and in so doing, free yourself from the burdens that we as humans are so good at creating for ourselves.

Lots of Love Trevor

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Learning to Trust your life

Learning to trust your life

Seed of Life - Tube Torus Silver / GreenI remember many years ago how I used to struggle with my life. Many times I worried about not having enough money, my future, maintaining success in my chosen career, and just my general sense of security. This was of course all related to my lack of self value.

There did not seem to be enough structure, I felt vulnerable and insecure. I constantly applied action to actively make sure I did not fail, or end up poverty-striken. Through these actions, I inadvertently was feeding the non-truthful fear-based energy within me.

This only brought more insecurity, and increased the likelihood of more experiences turning up in my external reality to validate, and to give me a good reason and justification to work harder to get my life right. The stronger the lack structure became from repeatedly manifesting this non-truthful reality, the more I struggled to fix what I perceived wrong or broken in my life.

In many ways, it strengthened and locked myself further into the structure of lack by my actions. During this period I was also working on the recognition of spiritual truth. To actively, and consciously, give attention to what was spiritually true, as opposed to what my mind and past conditioning was telling me was real.

Through my understanding of universal laws, I realised what I gave attention to, I made more real in my conscious reality and consequently influenced all of my experiences. It dawned on me one day If I gave more attention to what was spiritually true, I would start to change my current reality and experiences into a more loving and joyful existence.

I also came to realise what burdened and caused fear could be done away with simply by strengthened truth in my life. All negativity experienced is directly related to giving energy to, believing in, or validating non-truth.

Why? Because all truth is positive. So anytime I feel negative in my emotions I know  I am feeding a non-truth, because that is the only way negative experience can be generated and manifest. So in the moment of recognising negative emotion, I can continue to support and strengthen it, or make a conscious decision to look for what is real. By doing this, I am giving attention to what is real/truth, and at the same time diverting my attention away from feeding and empowering non-truth.

If I consistently do this everytime I become  aware I feel negative, I will through time totally change the balance and quality of my internal energy and in a very real and positive way, change my life and its experiences.

When I feel insecure or have fear of the future, I am simply not believing in the truth of my life and why I have the experiences I have. I don’t believe every experience I have serves the positive purpose of expanding my soul’s consciousness. In essence I believe in the lie of mistakes and non-perfection.

When I understand the truth of my life and understand why I have the experiences I have, I naturally stop trying to resist it, struggle with it, or attempt to fix it. Truth is, all experiences I have serves a positive purpose in expanding my soul’s consciousness, stepping it closer to a perfect vibrational match and harmonic with the bigger piece of God (Home).

I also believe my life is perfect in every way and in every experience, simply because my human journey is unfolding within a divine plan that has no flaws. All negative perceptions and the consequential experiences I have  as a rsult are “MIND MADE” and are created and conditioned from perceptions held at the time of past experiences.

Our past and current perceptions create our future – we are all powerful creators of our own worlds, simply because we are all each and everyone of us little pieces of God, and after all, God is a creator being. It is in our make up to create. In fact, it is our reason for being. Creation awakens consciousness, allowing us to have a more direct experience of who we are – God. The higher level of consciousness experienced – the more God like our reality and actions become.

So when I give attention to the truths about my life and its unfoldment, I lose the desire to fix my life. I lose the desire to worry about my future.

By strengthening truth in your life, you free yourself from the self-imposed jail that we as humans create for ourselves. Trusting in the perfection of your life, allows you to experience the love and joy of your true existence. It affords you a positive and truthful life, which is of course your divine right as a little piece of God. Remember it is always your mind and its conditioning creating the negative emotions that you may feel. Your truth is always positive.

If you are needing help with changing your life, and moving more into alignment with what is truthful. To live with a greater sense of contentment and joy, contact me to discuss ways in how I can help you.

Contact me on – Regardless of where you live in the world we can work together to create the life that you deserve.

This is a strong desire and intent and is a part of my divine purpose in this incarnation to be of service  to all kindred souls

Lots of Love to you

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The Intensity of Non-Truth and How to Disempower it

The intensity of non-truth and how to disempower it

Fotolia 48716510 SThe whole world is under the influence of non-truth. The rules and regulations, societies beliefs and structures, and our own personal conditioning continually empowers it. No wonder many of us find it hard to live consciously and in truth.

What we continue to run from creates fearful resistance. It is our belief  in what may occur – what is unknown, that strengthens and makes more real what we are doing our best to resist or get away from. Why we do this to ourselves is why we are here. we are all manifesting to us  the exact experience our soul’s want to experience.  Each of these experiences provide expansion for our soul’s consciousness, stepping it up in frequency, and a little closer to a vibrational match to the bigger piece of God.

Once truth is accepted in regards to why we have the experiences we have, we afford ourselves the opportunity to see and experience a new perception, more in alignment to what is energetically true. This then empowers and makes more real our innate  nature. As a result we have a more direct experience of who and what we are – A little piece of God – fully conscious and awakened.

Nothing is unconscious in existence, as everything is God. Each piece of God is in different states of awareness of it conscious state, which is determined by what the soul  is here to experience. It is through direct experience that soul’s expand moving closer to a harmonic match with the bigger piece of God – and therefore, home.

When we start to function more from what we are, as opposed to what we think we are, we naturally start to experience our true state more directly.

When we see and experience vibratonal truth, we discover the key to our self-imposed jail. We free ourselves from the non-truthful beliefs and perceptions that we continually burden ourselves with.

When we cease struggle and judgement, we cease non-truth. when we openly embrace our truth, we embrace what is good in the world.  All truth is positive. So if you are aware of negativity within your emotions, you are in that moment aware of something that is simply energetically untrue.

The mere fact that you recognise this  pulls you into the vibration of truth. In so doing, in that moment you cease to empower the non-truthful energy that burdens your life.

Lots of Love to you

Trevor is available for personal mentoring sessions and treatments and workshops. Visit his website for more info – 

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Judgment – what it does to your life

Judgment – what it does to your life

Blume des Lebens -  Chakren RegenbogenAnytime we create non-truthful energy we burden our lives – This is universal law.

Judgment is one of those non-truthful energies.

Why do we make judgment?

We often judge to validate our own emotional imprinting. In previous articles I have talked about the perfection of divine plan, and that everything in existence is unfolding within it. I believe every experience experienced, expands the consciousness of each individuals soul vibration.  This tells me that all experiences have a positive and constructive purpose.

Looking at this from that level, tells me all experiences have the same value, as all experiences bring soul expansion. I also believe that every person alive is a little part of God, and therefore has equal value – all bits of God is God and therefore equal.

So if this is true, that means there is no valid reason to make judgment of anyone or experience. It also tells me that if I do judge, I am not seeing the truth of why we are here, and what we are doing by participating in, and creating experiences.

Who are we?

This is a good question. if you believe in science, then everything is a part of one energy. If everything is a part of one energy, then everything is a part of me, as I am also a part of this energy. If this is the case then I am not separate from everyone and thing. So if this is true – who am I judging when I judge?

Here is another way of looking at this

If I am the sole creator of my reality through the law of attraction – everything that turns up in my conscious reality and life is manifested from my internal energy. That means I am self-creating my world. In many ways – I am what I see. If this is true when I make judgment I am actually judging an aspect of myself.

By judging self I am basically saying – I am not equal with the world, I am not of equal value. Judgment assumes there is inequality. When judgment is made, a distinction is made that something can be seen as better or less than.

This non-truth makes me feel less and validates  the non-truthful energy of lack. In that moment of become unloving of self. This can only lead to the percecption of lack, burdening my life even more.

So next time you feel like making a judgment of someone or thing realise – “All I See Is Me”

Do you really want to judge yourself knowing it will burden your life. Regardless of your past conditioning and beliefs about who and what you are, there is no reason to burden your life now.

So if you choose to judge yourself, you are basically saying – I don’t deserve love. This is absolutely not true, as you are God, and God deserves all the value and love in creation

Lots of Love to you

Trevor Gollagher is available to help you have a better quality of life  visit his website now to find out how –

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Clarity to Awaken

Are we becoming Self-Realised?

dnjjThe world has been in a continual state of change since time began.  The planet, and the entire universe, is unfolding within a vast cycle. Each and every part of the whole of existence moves through a continual upward spiraling cyclic pattern. With each cyclic turn, it becomes a little more conscious and higher in frequency. This steps all creation towards completeness.

We as humans play a major role in how fast Earth moves through its cycles. How we create through our perceptions can create expansion, and thus supporting our unfoldment. Alternatively, if we create resistance, we hinder our natural unfoldment, and the universe itself, causing more tension and negative, non-truthful experiences and realities to manifest. This deepens the illusion of lack.

Through the laws of attraction and cause and effect, we have been actively creating. We are after all, creator beings, and it is within our energetic makeup to create constantly. In so doing, we have, and are playing an active role in co-creation with all of God.

Through our inner desire to create, mankind has manifested and influenced lots of change, and made many new discoveries along the way. We create through our perception, and consequently, the emotions evoked.

The emotions we feel due to how we perceive, validates our beliefs and emotional imprints, regardless if these beliefs and imprints are based on what is real (Spiritual Truth), or not.

Because lots our past energetic conditioning is riddled with the belief in lack (non truth), we often have a distorted view of what is actually real in the present. As a result, we actively create, and make real, more non-truth on to the planet. This strengthens the distorted truthful energy of the planet, our personal reality, and what is observed in life. This holds the planet in a false, unconscious, energetic darkness.

A golden rule of thumb is – if experience is negative, truth is not seen. So often, we create burden, lack, and struggle in our lives simply from perceiving inaccurately. All negative experience is “Mind Made”.

Just because the mind believes something to be real does not necessary make it so.  Our past conditioning has been greatly influenced by the energies of fear, lack, control, and greed, simply because most of societies structures are based on this. So this reality, albeit illusionary, molds and shapes the way we do everything in our present moment.

We all exist in a quagmire of non-truth and flawed reality, and constantly make decisions based on this. No wonder many people find it almost impossible to have a contented and abundant life.

We live in a time of great illusion, base on foresaid greed and control structures. All the time however, underneath this non-truthful reality, we, as souls, have been awakening. All experience, without exception, influences the consciousness of our souls.

It is through this expansion that we evolve towards a higher, more awakened ascended state. With soul expansion, comes more clarity into what is real – that everything is of God, and therefore is love.  Soul expansion brings us into a more awakened and realized state of being – it makes us conscious. What we do with this newfound awareness will determine and shape our reality.

Energetic expansion moves us closer to a harmonic match with the bigger piece of God. This is the journey all life and creation is on. Since we all fragmented off the bigger piece of God and descended down into lower vibrational fields to directly experience all potential experiences, and co-create, we have been moving back to God.

Each experience we have steps us closer to the vibration of the bigger piece of God and home. Put another way – through immersing more into consciousness, we start to have a more direct experience of what we always have been – God. We are moving towards direct experience of what we have always been. We are becoming conscious that we are God within and all creation is us. Everything perceivable, is already inside of us – we just have to look.

It is not that far away now when the negative, non-truthful reality that has been maintained for eons will be seen for what it is. This will happen because as we rise in vibration, we see a clearer picture of what is real as opposed to what we think is real.

Something I realized many years ago is, when truth is seen, non-truth finds it very hard to maintain its existence.  Because of our rapid movement towards living consciously, we will not accept lack structure for much longer.

By gaining clarity through our awakening, its control and strength will be dis-empowered. By seeing its non-truthful structure, it will loose its influence on us.

Without our belief in its existence, it is doomed to weaken and die. Why? Because it is our resistance to it, and the energy we feed it, through giving it attention and validation, which empowers its very existence.

It’s crazy, but in every moment, we feed energy and strengthen the very things that we fear, and so desperately desire to escape from. This holds most people in a cycle of lack, burden, and fear.

We as souls are not lacking. Lack is an illusionary “mind made” perception. But our societies rules and structures are mainly based on lack, which holds us in a continual struggle to succeed. It is the continual process of applying action to gain something that is perceived missing, that strengthens and maintains lack structure. This deludes our perception of our wholeness even further.

Underneath what is often perceived, lays your truth – that you are, and have always been whole, and lack nothing at all. Everything you seek is already a part of you deep inside. It is, and has always been, the constant bombardment of lack structure that has literally brainwashed you into believing in lack and incompleteness.

You have made it appear real through your ability to manifest whatever you give attention to, and are continually validating its existence. This only serves to strengthen your belief that it is real – and the cycle continues.

Since energy has come into existence, it has been continually changing. Everything is in a constant state of expansion consciously speaking. The cycle of expansion will go on regardless of what we think and do. It is unfolding within divine plan and cannot be altered.

However, how we experience this unfoldment, will be directly influenced by what we perceive and validate within it.

You manifest your reality.

hearteesfgYour mind and its conditioned perceptions make real everything you see, hear, and experience. We all are really in our own little self-made worlds.

Everything is expanding in consciousness to journey back to its source – the awakened state of God. As all energy expands and grows, it evolves in nature. It awakens more to what it is, and always been. In a sense, we all become more conscious of ourselves – what is real, as opposed to what is believed to be real.

Eventually expanding and awakening in consciousness to the point of full immersion and energetic harmony with the frequency of God. At this point, we will have travelled full circle. We in a sense, have direct experience of ourselves.

Nothing directly experienced is ever lost, as it always imprints into the individual soul’s consciousness and energetically adds to the overall soul pool of knowledge. We are all helping each other through co-creation and experience to awaken. To bring all life that exists – God, into a self-realized state. This will then allow God to be God, emanating truth/love without non-truthful distortion.

Incarnating into this reality, we take on a human suit, which then gets conditioned and imbedded with society’s rules and regulation. Your parent’s mold and shape you to think, feel, and behave. This is in alignment to societies structures, which the majority is based on lack. From a very young age, we are locked into the fear-based non-truthful structure of life on Earth.

Why? As mentioned earlier, to have direct experience of these experiences. Our times are however changing because we are almost done with non-truthful experience.

Our awakening is all about ascending into a love-based reality. All lack structure, control, greed, and fear very soon will move away out of our reality. This is a part of the realization of self. That is of course, if we as souls in a human suit break through our illusionary reality. To start to live in allowance and truth, creating love and compassion for all life. How fast we all move towards our ascended state will be determined by us, and how and what we do in our lives.

We are nearing the end of a planetary cycle. With this, we have an opportunity to ascend to move up and on consciously. Will we take this opportunity? Or will we not open our love and compassion to the world and have to go around one more time?

When we release the energies of lack and fear from our reality, we will experience an increase in clarity created from consciousness expansion. We will naturally start seeing what is real as opposed to what the mind believes is real. Fear and lack will naturally dissolve once “real truth” is seen. These unreal energies will no longer have validation and a foundation to exist.

Community will start to function more from love, not lack and control.  People will start to look for more ways to be of service to others and society, encouraging expansion and not restriction. As our heart energy awakens more and more, we all leave behind the lack structures of the mind, and through experiences of love, start to free ourselves from limitation. This within itself will activate higher levels of spiritual light on and through the planet.

As mention earlier, we are faced with great opportunity to ascend, to experience and see who we really are. The more of our truth is seen, the clearer our view of non-separation becomes.

We start to feel more of our deeper connection to all of existence and people. This ultimately drives us to love all life, knowing everything is actually a part of us. Awakening higher into our ascension process naturally develops self-love and value for the whole. This also means loving and valuing more of everything else, as everything is us. In that space and moment, true non-judgmental love of the whole becomes a possibility.

To learn more  visit Trevor’s website –

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You are a Holographic Projector

The Holographic Projector

Beautiful Girl on Floor MeditatingWe are but a holographic projector; all that I see is actually I.

Everything that has been perceived, and will be, is actually you. God, Archangel Michael, Bob down the street, Mother Earth, everything beautiful and good in life, and everything that is bad – it’s all you.

Everything is within and is already a part of you – You are it!

This concept brings a whole new meaning to loving self. Knowing that the love of self brings light to your existence and is the pathway to ascension. This means everything perceivable and beyond is an aspect of you, and all of you needs love to ascend.

If I were to tell you that people are just fragments of yourself, you would need to understand that you are essential in changing the worlds concept of self-love. If we are to ascend out of our delusionary opinions, and beliefs of separation and lack, truth that everything is already within you needs to be recognised.

You cannot be divine in experience if you are not acknowledging your divineness within.

If we all learnt to see everything desired is already there within you, you would no longer perceive lack. If the world today was to change into an ascended state it would require being conscious of your truth. You are everything in existence – you are God. You are all the love and value that exists, but you are also all of the hurt and pain there is too.

If you can love you (I mean all of you) you can experience your truth that you are made of Love.

When you love self you love existence, as all is you. You love existence, and there is love in continuum. The negativity in the world is your opportunity to bring more light into your being. By loving these aspects of what is within you – you awaken your divine light.

To perceive you are all of what you believe to be special – God, Higher evolve beings, and people, you realise you are that special being or person, as these beings are not outside of you. They are, and always have been inside of you, and to access them all that is needed is to look within. They are not external or separate from you.

These beings and people are actually you. Remember you are just a holographic projector; everything you can perceive is you. Nothing exists outside of you. This is an illusion built on the structure of lack that is designed to bind us into control, burden, and struggle.

The next time you feel a need to make judgement of someone, realise that someone is you and if you want to get out of this mess we call life on Earth you need to love that part of you too.

Judgment is not love. Anger is not love. Frustration is not love. Everything that feels negative in your emotions is not of love – Truth. It is your past non-truthful perceptions and beliefs which are all mind-made that tell you a lie.

The doorway to ascension and a world of light is to see the truth everything is within you. As soon as you spend the slightest thought, or expel the slightest energy to fix, change, or believe anything external, you buy into non-truth that you are separate.

Separation is a deluded man’s way of thinking. You are and have always been everything. You are everything you seek and can perceive. There is nothing to attain, you are not lacking in anyway – there is only recognition of what you already are, and to love what you find.

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What Does Self-Love Truly Mean?

What Does Self Love Truly Mean?

consultingSelf-Love is much bigger than one usually realises.

To start with – what is self?

If science and the universe tells us that everything in existence is made of energy, and all energy is a part of the one whole, then we are a part of everything.

If this is true then really everything you can percieve or see is actually a part of you. So getting back to self love, to truly love yourself, requires loving everything you see or perceive.

Now I am sure by now you have come to realise everything you seek as a human being – love, happiness, contentment, abundance etc all come from, and are driven by your internal energy flow and makeup.  When your internal energy consists of loving truthful energy, you experience more of this in your external reality.

If you are giving attention to the energy of love and truth they will become more real in your life.

The statement – “what you give attention to becomes real” is so true. In fact, just by observing what turns up in your day is a clear indicator of what you have been giving energy and attention to yesterday, last week, last month.

What is real in your life is what you have created through your attention. Your experiences that turn up are just a validation of your attention.

To experience Self-love, give it attention. By looking for ways to love the whole of you (everything you perceive & see) you naturally love and value you more. By giving love more attention you change your internal energy more into its quality, and love will turn up more in your day-to-day life.

But please watch for the subtle trap in this – if your perception is on the lack of love , then where is your attention? A loveless life becomes more real.

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