What people are saying about my work

For those of you who, like I, find it challenging to feel, sense and work with energy, the benefits are still astounding.  My heart is more open to unconditional love and feels energized.  Life seems more beautiful and gratifying.  My outlook on life is more open with less fear.  Trevor has an ability to build trust in his students in their own ability to do heart resonance.  I may not always feel the energy but I trust and know it is there.  Being in Trevor’s company during his heart resonance master’s course is life changing.   

Nooshin – BC Canada

During the Heart Resonance personal grid activation,  I saw this clear image of a round cave with lit candles around it.
Since I did Heart Resonance Energy Level 1 up to Masters Class, I became a calmer, stronger, more confident, healthier, happier, more compassionate person.  It’s like the world is always smiling with me!

Thank you Trevor for your simplicity, humility and good humor.
I love it!

Vanessa – Surrey Canada

I have undertaken many varied forms of spiritual retreats and programs over the years, but none have had such a lasting impact as Trevor Gollagher’s mentoring program. I found Trevor’s message to be simple, and he delivers it in a light & uncomplicated way.He seems to cut through all the mire and come up with strategies for living a fulfilled and happy life. I am most impressed by the lasting effect his mentoring has had on me.Lois Cooper, Brisbane, Australia

“I just completed Trevor’s program. His mentorship is insightful & loving. I enjoyed how he tailored his program to my needs. It has helped me beyond words and I am grateful. Thank you, Trevor”

 Susan Turner, Surrey, Canada

The Heart Resonance system was truly a lifeline in my life. It’s a system that you love and therefore makes it easy to keep working with it.

I have tried a gambit of spiritual and healing modalities, and nothing has came close in effectiveness in my life. Personally it was highly effective with depression, addictions, negative thinking and deeper healing. It is also a powerful adjunct to any spiritual path.

Trevor himself has a huge kit bag of abilities to share and is a lot of fun to be around as well as being infectiously positive in nature.

Ken Salmon – Vancouver, BC, Canada

A friend of mine who spoke highly of him introduced me to Trevor this year. Once I met him, I understood why.

Trevor has treated me several times, with remarkable responses. I have participated in serveral of his courses, and was quickly prompted to enrol in one of his long term one’s.

Meeting Trevor has certainly enhanced my life and given me new direction. As well as a great teacher, he is a beautiful person, and I look forward  to future interaction with him.

Jo Peardon, Gold Coast, Australia

Trevor is a remarkable individual who has a unique insight into the world. He has helped me to see the bigger picture of my life and given me the ability to clarify what is important in life. With Trevor’s guidance I am now a more positive person.

I cannot thank Trevor enough for the gifts he has given me.

Graeme Isaacs – Company CEO, Melbourne, Australia

From the very first time I spent with Trevor my life began to change instantly in the most amazing ways!

My joy has absolutely increased 100 fold!

Trevor’s love, commitment and support has been invaluable – such a generous and loving man. Thank you Trevor – I am eternally grateful.

Jo Baker – Brisbane, Australia

“Trevor is an incredible teacher and healer. He comes from such pure intention with all the work that he does and he has an enormous amount of knowledge and wisdom to share with others. Heart Resonance Therapy has changed my life for the better and I use it in my practice as a Hypnotherapist to improve and enhance my clients healing.”

Saira Hansen, Vancouver, Canada

I am nearing completion of Trevor’s mentorship program via Skype.  I have found Trevor’s approach to personal development profound and insightful.

The weekly sessions have given me time to practice the skills being learned and be able to ask questions as we move along.

Trevor is patient and listens deeply to uncover patterns that are not serving you and is delivering teaching tailored to my individual needs.

I am very grateful to be doing with work with him.

Peter Mann, Vancouver, Canada


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  1. Betty O'Driscoll says:

    What more can I add to this they have said it all, the same happened to me.

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