Jumping on the Cause train

I am writing to you today with some information that I am compelled to share. You might disagree or agree with what I have to say.

Regardless of your response or reaction to this, I hope you take the time to read fully this blog and put your thoughts and feelings away until you have read it all. I hope some of the readers of this are able to grasp the true essence of what I am saying and not interpret what their minds want to perceive rather then what is actually being said.

There is a difference.

As mentioned earlier, I feel I have to share this information as I believe time is right for us all to be truly aware of what one is creating and to take responsibility for one’s own actions.
What you do with this information is totally up to you. I however felt strong enough to write it and if you connect to what I have to say please pass this on to as many people as you can.

This will save a lot of people much grief and allow their movement forward to be a lot easier.

I would usually write on topics like this in my other newsletter at www.trevorgollagher.com as this is where I write more ‘out there’ concepts about spirituality and ascension. However I wanted to share this message with as many people I know and this newsletter database is much bigger than the trevorgollagher.com one.

For years I have been receiving emails from good willed souls asking to help send energy and good thoughts to environmental disasters (natural and man made), wars, the whales, and numerous others. I am sure at some stage you have received them too. Just recently, I have been inundated with calls for help for the oil spill in the gulf. Many people are worried about the affects it is having on bird and marine life and the environment.

It is very clear to me that many are concerned, and this would be normal for any spiritual or loving person. However what I am seeing more and more is the good intention of many actually adding to the opposite of what they are intending.
Let me explain

First, let’s start with some basic understanding of Universal law and Divine Plan. I will assume that most people that read this are aware of such things. I also need to make you are aware that this is “my opinion only”. You may or may not agree with me, and that is okay. If you don’t, please at least consider the possibility.

Divine Plan is what God put together to make everything in existence unfold in perfect sequence and way. Because of the sheer nature and vibrational quality of God and its ability to create from that vibrational space, everything that God does is always perfect and pure.

Regardless of what anyone or thing may think or believe contrary to seeing perfection unfolding in all life and experience, it continues to be so. God did not create imperfection in his/her/its plan, as all negativity is the product of man.

All life, experiences, occurences and energies on all levels of existence are all unfolding as a part of Divine consciousness and plan. Nothing is outside of its influence.
In a sense all life and how it unfolds “IS” the plan.
Your thoughts, your differrent decisions and choices, what other people say and do, how Earth creates and dis-creates itself. Absolutely everything that happens on all levels including the angelic realms are governed by Divine Plan.

I know this to be true because I work with an energy within numerous levels of life regularly called Soul Genetics. This is a sequence of energies that allows Divine Plan to unfold in perfect order and sequence within all things (it governs all experience in all realities). This is actually what makes it all work, unfolding in the right place, right way, right time.

God cannot get anything wrong including its plan, it simply is impossible.
Everything that has, is, and will occur, will always be perfect in Divine Plan. It is not flawed in anyway. It is not broken and never needs fixing, and most certainly does not make mistakes. It just is perfect in every way in everyday.

God is actually the radiant flow of “True Unconditional Love” and can only ever be and create from what it is, Just like us (As Above, So Below)
The law of attraction states “what you vibrate within, will be validated in your external experiences. All of your life’s experiences are in your external reality because your internal vibration creates them – You are what you see!

So this means God can only ever create pure and loving experience as this is the only energy God vibrates. Once again, you can only create what you vibrate. This law applies to all life, including God.

How we perceive this perfection unfolding comes down to how much clarity we have in our perception (our ability to see Divine Truth).
Our perception of divine truth is always distorted.


Because we live in a greatly restrictive energy reality (on Mother Earth) that hinders us from seeing the bigger picture. The vibration that we exist in governs how high we can actually vibrate and currently Earth’s energy field does not allow us to have an expansive perception and or view. Our view is always distorted and prevents us currently from seeing or having broader understanding and recognition of truth (there is a divine reason for this and I will not go into it here as it would take too long to explain, but our distorted and limited vision does have a positive purpose).

For most of us, it is difficult to see love in all things especially with what we perceive as negative. Our inner feelings and imprinted beliefs cannot accept the possibility positivity could exist in perceived negative experiences.

IMPORTANT! Read the below sentence a few times and really think about it

How we perceive can only affect how we experience truth unfolding, not truth itself.

So if I believe everything is unfolding in perfection regardless of if I see it that way or not, then this tells me that all current occurrences are perfect and in order and within Divine Plan. Divine Plan has been designed by God to bring all life back to source – God and all aspects of the plan are serving this end and is always positive in the big picture.

Man made and natural disasters are all a part of Divine Plan.

We as a race are rapidly moving towards something which is often termed “the Golden Age of Mankind” for some, this is called Ascension, others the Second Coming of Christ, and numerous other names. Before this can occur, all lower vibrating fear based energies have to be purged and cleared. They simply cannot exist in the vibration of what we will be.

Remember we can only experience what we vibrate within. So as we raise up into a much higher and spiritual vibration all lower negative based energies have to, and will disappear from our external experiences. Our golden age/ ascension will not have negative energy or experiences within it, they have to leave.

No one wants to experience negatives (and if one could see Divine truth, one would not). But as negatives release, many people, because of their focus, mis-directed intention, and distorted view of divine truth will create the experience of negatives on deep levels and in many ways. All turmoil that one sees is really the turmoil of what is inside themselves. Our external perceptions are greatly influenced by our stagnated emotional baggage, imprints and beliefs, the majority being based on non-truthful facts.

What you see is you

We are on the edge or tipping point of great change and massive and rapid purging. This will be prominent in our world up till about 2015. By then the worst of the shift will have happened. After this we all will go through a time of adjusting and re-establishing sanity and balance for about 5 to 7 years when we start entering into our new age.

The gulf oil spill is one of many experiences to come as part of the purging process. This is an essential part of the ascension process. When we perceive this as a negative (because of distorted view of the bigger picture of divine truth) and not a positive aspect of ascension, we are feeding more and more negative energies into our consciousness thereby making it harder and harder to move into and through our ascension.

As negatives occur, know that they are suppose to – God hasn’t got it wrong.
Don’t focus on the negatives because you will only generate more of this experience for yourself – Like Attracts Like.

Don’t feel you need to fix disaster’s because in Divine Plan they are not disasters at all. It’s only our limited perceptions that see it this way.

They are positive clearing processes all serving to bring us all back to a point of divine self-realisation so we can live in the pure frequency of divine love and be as one. Eventually, this is how we are all meant to be.

Don’t try and change the perfect unfoldment of Divine Plan – It’s not broken and does not need fixing. It is only your distorted view of what you think is happening and is not true.

Remember – We are all limited in sight.

When we want to send energy to the gulf etc, albeit with good intentions, most people are focussed on fear. Many are focussed on teribble thoughts of hardship, sadness, personal and environmental destruction, and loss of life. This all stems from not believing God has got it right and we fear the catastrophes that may beseige us.

Remember – Where your attention lies is the point of creation. READ THIS SENTENCE AGAIN AND AGAIN

This is such an important statement – “Where your attention lies is the point of creation”
Understanding this statement will greatly impact on your future happiness. As we move more and more into our purging (planetary and personal) balance will require strong and focussed attention on love.

Many people when confronted with disaster want to help but their underlying focus is on the negative sadness. This is what motivates them to act. However this underlying focus generates energy that is counter-productive to their aims and intentions.

I am not saying don’t send loving energy to events and situations, natural or man made. What I am saying is look at why you are sending it.
Is your reason for giving energy

Offering love to support Divine Plan unfolding in its perfection regardless of how I perceive it ?

Because I believe I need to help the world and save it from destruction.

What is actually de-structing in the world?

Answer – the old lower vibrating conditionings, beliefs and lower vibrating energies which need to clear in order for us to ascend.

When you wish to make things better, you are giving energy to negatives, resulting in more negative experience for you, as you and only you create your reality. You are also giving energy to the belief that Divine Plan is flawed which adds more non-trufhful energy to the process. This adds to the fear based energy pool on the planet holding more and more people into its quality and experience.

This makes it harder and harder for people still trapped in this negative creation to break free from its grasp. Therefore making their upliftment to ascension far harder to move through. The crazy thing is, it does not have to be this way if we just trusted and allowed God to unfold, and have acceptance of all experience regardless of how we see it.

It’s okay to send loving and healing energies to the financial crisis, floods, damaging storms, war zones, terrorists, to your perceived enemies, and most importantly to the people sending energy to the gulf oil spill out of fear.

This is a wonderful and God-like thing to do. But your motivation for doing this has to be well directed to support Divine Plan moving us all to ascension and not from fear. You do not want to add more negatives to what is already there. Well I should hope not anyway.

If you are really serious about helping the planet and all that is upon her, then your focus should always be on love, not how bad or sad it is and think you have to do something to help.

God does not need your help with the unfolding of its plan – trust me.
The best thing to do is feel love for what God is doing and rejoice in God’s actions with love. Acknowledge the greatness of what is occuring. We are on the cusp of ascension. This is what we all have been waiting for, for eons.

All of these perceived negative things are all a part of Divine Plan unfolding exactly the way it is supposed to. But if you are going to send love to these aspects of Divine Plan unfolding, then you should also consider sending loving energy to all other aspects of Divine Plan as well. Thats only fair isn’t it.

All pieces of the plan are equal and are deserving of the same amount of Love. If you feel it is important for you to send love to the gulf oil spill, you should also send love to yourself to help you see that the oil spill is actually a part of positive perfection unfolding us all into and towards ascension and the golden age.

There is nothing to fear about what is occuring. It’s all part of the process and movement to realisation of the love of who we are. The only thing to fear is fear itself, as this will lead you to a very negative place where all of your experiences will be darkened.

Trust me again, you do not deserve to do this to yourself as you have always been worthy of the most highest form of love available. You are Divine in nature and essence Susie.
This is something that you should spend time comtemplating.

You don’t have to blame BP for destroying the environment. They are only the means for God to create the shift. And really why would you want to blame anyone or thing for helping us all move into a higher state of reality (ascension/golden age).

Nothing is broken and wrong. God has got it all perfect and right. If you wish to change anything at all, change the need to want to fix perfection and its unfoldment. Direct that energy into allowing you to see truth in the circumstances that you face and be open and allowing of God. When you cease the desire to want to improve and fix things, you will open to a more loving space.

Why are we having more and more catastrophes

Catastrophe is a quick way to instigate change.

Because of our powerful ability to create what we focus upon, we have built up mass amounts of unreal (appearing as real) negative energy on this planet. This energy has imprinted into our beliefs, in the way we function, work and perceive. It has become so entrenched in our psyche, we believe it is real and consequently are burdened by it.

To ascend out of the quagmire we have created, we have to release this acumulated distorted energy. The issue here however is as we have based our whole lives on it, we find it almost impossible to change.


Because it requires that we release who we are. Most of what we know to be us is actually based upon delusionary concepts of what is truth and what is not. In a sense, our lives are based on a lie. So to clear this delusion and move into truth requires we throw away everything we feel safe with. This makes most of us feel way to vulnerable and we put up resistence to it as a result.

So part of Divine Plan in a sense is confronting us with our own mortality and insisting we make changes. One of the best ways of doing this is using major castastrophe and shift. Faced with doom, all we can do is love and support each other to survive. This is an easy way to impact the masses and motivate change.

In times of great struggle and catastrophe we often look within and re-evaluate what is important in life. We question our very own existence, and try to make sense of it all. This inner comtemplation helps point us towards truth and the divine. Often major disaster becomes of catalyst for positive change.


“You are What You See”.

Once again God does not make mistakes, regardless of what our minds want to think or perceive.

Trust that Divine Plan and God knows what it is doing. Do yourself a big favour and “Allow” its unfoldment to happen without creating resistence to it with your distorted views, perceptions and ideolgies.

The planet is setting clear boundries at present. Grey is leaving us. Everything is becoming either dark or light. this eventually will lead to the outcome of purging all of the dark from this reality. This is the ascension process in action.

The choice is yours to be taken.

Do you want to align to the darkness and have that experience?

Or do you wish to be of the light and open and embrace to the joy that stands before us?

By being caught up in and generating fear and mis-understanding out of the insecurity of the unknown or trusting that God has it right and there is no doubt of a postive and loving outcome is really your choice.

I wish you my deepest love and only wish that you focus (if not already) on truth in these changing times. Do your best to not align to the negative generation that many amongst us are currently creating (albeit with good intention).

Bring your focus on to your heart space and feel the love that it holds. For all Heart Resonance people, connect to your HRT energy frequently and radiate it out to all life. Be at one with love and stop the negative focus and generation.

Time is right to change how we all go about being of service to humanity. The best you can do for all of us is to start with yourself as in reality, there is only you, as all is one. Look in every moment for better ways to express love of self. Do your best to let go of restrictive fears and vulnerabilities. Don’t give energy and attention to disharmony and fear. Trust in Divine Plan, open and allow its unfoldment and rejoice. Know that in the not to distant future, we all will awaken into our new age. A place of divine service and love.

Lots of Love and Happiness
Trevor Gollagher

Visit my new website www.trevorgollagher.com and sign up for my newsletter or download some free books and workshops.


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Trevor Gollagher has over 35 years experience as a spiritual teacher, mentor and visionary. As an author, he has published 17 books, numerous workbooks, DVD’s and assorted media. The founder of the Heart Resonance energy system www.heartresonance.com , his message is simple but very deep and powerful. He believes that everything we desire as humans is obtainable from within ourselves, if only we get out of our own way and allow our divineness to arise. Visit his website www.trevorgollagher.com to learn about more ways Trevor can help you achieve a higher level of happiness and spiritual consciousness.
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1 Response to Jumping on the Cause train

  1. Julie Oliver says:

    Hi Trev, very interesting post and much food for thought. I see what you mean about people focussing on eg, an environmental disaster and focussing on the negative results is very wrong. I agree it’s the same as feeling sorry for someone, it increases the negative energy and you absorb that. I always send love, and nowadays, to the highest good of all. I don’t believe in focussing on negativity, eg media sad stories and fear partly due to your training us to always focus on the positive. I have always thought of these disasters as man-made, not from God but I can also accept that disasters bring mankind closer and help us to see what not to do and how we can work together to do it better. It makes us want our world to be better, more light and love filled. It does point us toward a better future. Thanks Trevor, nice to have something to work out by going within to feel what is right. I wonder how many will understand this? Jules 🙏😊

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