Who is Driving the Bus of Your Life?

TrevorGollagherSo you think you are in control of everything?

You are doing what you have to, to keep everything on track, right.

Does it not occur to you that all things are unfolding in the perfect way at all times.

When we cease to exhibit the traits of control and the enactment and expression of our thoughts, we take back an essential ingredient in our lives. We take back the right to be free from conditioning.

When we allow the thing that is driving and steering our lives to function without “our stuff”, we essentially live with honour and authenticity. There definitely is no need to control, manipulate, and manoeuvre our lives in any way except in full alignment to what is ordained and is already in play.

Society is full of conditioning that really is in opposition to the direction of where your soul is going.

There is a force within you that is highly intelligent and conscious. Its capacity to see, do, and function is way beyond anything the conscious mind can conceive. This force knows why you were born, what you have come to achieve, and knows when it is time to leave. It has the complete picture and is unrolling your life precisely in accordance with its plan and desire. This force sometimes called the Soul, Consciousness, or God is innate in all livings things. It is truly who you are and not what you think you are.

So, this force is driving your bus of life. It knows when to turn left or right, when to slow down and speed up. It’s got it all covered. This journey is unfolding in accordance to your life’s plan and will always stay on track regardless of what you do or think. However your experience of this divine unfoldment can only be experienced by how you perceive this unfoldment.  What your mind perceives and thinks, and ultimately believes based on your past conditioning will colour your experience of everything unfolding. It creates an illusionary skin covering what is real.

Remember the Soul/Consciousness/God is driving the bus and is sticking to the plan precisely. What your mind/conditioning/thoughts give you is the experience of the bus whilst on the journey and not the journey itself. You get to feel the texture of the seat and perceive the view from your position in the bus. The interaction with all the other people on the bus and everything contain within experiences that occur whilst on the bus.

How you experience all of this is based on your past conditioning and how you perceive, think, feel,  and what you believe to be true. It really has nothing to do with where you are going on the bus just the experiences you have on the bus.

Looking at it from another way. Your Soul/Consciousness/God within is unfolding a divine plan of consciousness expansion through direct experiences that are available on this planet. Through consciousness expansion, we get closer to experiencing  more directly the source of everything – the energy of home, where we initially came from. – the greater piece of God, the I AM, the infinite source of Love.

What you think and create from your mind is the experiences you can manifest along the journey. Once again they really do not have any determining bearing or factor on the journey itself, just your experiences moving through the journey. And because the human mind is so polluted with non-truthful conditioning, full of lack structure and self denial, we tend to create an experiential world of low levels of self worth, pain, disappointment, and lack of contentment. Continually going round and round like a mouse on a wheel feeling good, then feeling down until we die.

So now I have made you feel so cheerful, let’s look at a better way to be on the bus of life.

Lets look at some truths here, well truths as I see them anyway.

Within us resides that highly intelligent and consciousness source of energy that I have labeled Soul/Consciousness/God. These are labels and its not really important what you call it if in fact you give it a name at all. Some people call it the I AM.

The truth is this energy is within you and is driving the bus. Because of what it is, it is doing this driving in the perfect way for your incarnation and can never ever get it wrong. It has the complete map of your life and is following it to the letter. How we experience this journey as mentioned earlier depends on how much we think, believe and manifest into existence our lack structured conditioning. The more we are trying to control and drive the bus , the more further you move away from the experience that is truthful and flowing in an alignment from the inner divine spark of the Soul/Consciousness/God. It doesn’t change the journey, just your experience of it.

Beautiful Girl on Floor MeditatingSo it makes a lot of sense to me to hand over full control to your Soul/Consciousness/God  and do your best to get out of its way and let it  just do the job of why and what you are here for. Would you let an electrician rewire your house or someone that knows absolutely nothing about wiring or electricity do it instead. Of course you would get the electrician to do it.

So why wouldn’t you then get the person within you – your true self, divine in essence and all knowing do the driving of your life rather then the externalisation of the distorted  lack-structured conditioning of your human mind drive your life that really has no clue in where you are going and how to get there.

The answers to a contented and fulfilling life and experiences comes from that divine energy within. It is not found in any dogma, religion, philosophy, or anything external from yourself. All the answer are within you, always have been and always will be. If you seek truth anywhere beside from within you will not achieve or experience it.

So my answer to a happy and loving and contented life is to call out your mind every time you experience negatives. Call it out for what it is  – lies coming from your conditioning. And then bring your mind and attention on to your  Soul/Consciousness/God that lives within you and have faith it is driving your bus of life in the perfect way and time. Don’t fight it. Open and allow this loving highly aware energy to function without involving your conditioning.  Trust and let go and let it do what it has come for. To elevate your consciousness  and expand it to finally bring you back home to all that is –  Love , Wholeness, and Infinity.

Lots of love and happiness

Trevor Gollagher


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The Analogy of the Glass of Water

lifebuzz-ff3f0803ab828544e2569a71c6734036-limit_2000Life is but a big illusion put forward by the ego and the conditioning of your mind. Truth is all but lost when we function from the ego and mind.  The manifestation of experiences always comes out of what we think, believe, and subsequently do.

We are never what we perceive externally from our minds and conditioning.

We will always be a slave to our conditionings and beliefs until we break free from this  illusion of I am body, I am Mind,  I am what I think and believe.  This is not what we are. We are and have always been God in carnation directly experiencing itself .

I was meditating the other day with my focus on the I Am , the true part of who I am the Consciousness/God within and upon opening my eyes  I straight a way saw a glass of water on the other side of the room and the image of who I am and what I am not became obvious to me.

I looked upon the water within the glass as my consciousness/God  all pure and vibrant all knowing and infinite – the true me. The glass itself was my body, and the first thing I realised was the glass/body was not me as I am the water. It is just a container for me to exist in this world.  Another thing I realised is that all experiences and interactions come from the thoughts of the glass, and knowing that I manifest into the world what I think and believe it tells me my created illusionary world comes from a separate place then from the true me – it comes from the glass not the water. This form of creation is never truly a reflection of my truth/self  It is not coming from the water but the glass itself.

logo currentWhen I turn within and focus on the water instead of focusing on the outside world via the glass, I start to glimpse the real me – water. I start to see that I never was the glass or the experiences coming from it’s manifestation ability. I have and always will be the purity of the water. I will always be this eternal being that never dies.  I can pour the water down the sink but it still lives it just exists in another place .

To live from your truth only requires to focus on the water and not the glass  To live authentically only requires to be present with the I AM/God /Consciousness that resides in all things including you.  This “true you” does not need fixing, be made better or improved, or lack anything on any level it is and always has been whole and complete  and by being present with the real you this will be your experience.

Be the water not the glass

Know that you have always been the water and never the glass.  You are whole and complete – you are God in carnation never forget this fact. You are, have always been, and always will be the highest form of love and wholeness.

Lots of Love Trevor (another piece of water just like every other thing that exists).


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Living From Your True Self

Spiritual EarthLiving in full alignment to your true self is a way to the most authentic life you can have. This should take the utmost priority in your life. Let’s face it, we all want a life full of sustained happiness, in each moment of everyday we want peace, health, wealth, and contentment.

Well to have a life like this requires that you THINK, CREATE,& SERVE with authenticity. To always think positive thoughts and rebuking any negatives that come into your mind as a lie put forward from your conscious mind’s conditioning. To actively engage in creating, after all you are a creator being and creating gives you fulfilment.

Being of service – knowing that everything you perceive is actually YOU and love and happiness comes by giving these things to yourself. So as you can see, these 3 things determine if you have a life of joy or hardship –  it really is your choice.

Let’s take a little more deeper look into Thinking. When you think and know what you thought to be true based on the beliefs you hold within you, you create a powerful energy dynamic with the universe. This divine alignment rapidly manifest it into being. I should also mention that the universe is not only out there, it is within you and in fact in all things.

Everything that potentially exists is already within you and the way to manifest it into being and into your reality is to think it and believe it. And if this belief is in alignment to what your internal conditioning believes you will manifest it. Your whole life and its experiences happen because of this process. You are the sole creator of your world, the buck always stops with you. No one has ever done anything to you that you first did not pull into being through your thoughts and your belief in them.

Anything and everything is possible in your world, it just requires thought and belief. When I say belief please don’t confuse this with hope they are totally separate things. Hope is a belief in lack. If you hope, you will never succeed.

The world as we know it  functions very precisely and in accordance to universal law. On one level it is very mechanical – do this and this will manifest, do that and that will. Once you understand how it all works then the world is your oyster as they say.

Beautiful Girl on Floor MeditatingAt your very core (universal unconsciousness) you are everything that exists including what some people label as God. This is a label for the full potentialization of Love. Everything that exists is Love  or the perception of degrees of separation from it. The the most negative fear or hate is still love, just love in reverse.

Everything that you can think is already inside you – perfect health, abundance, contentment, this is your true and natural state. But it is your belief in lies put forward from your deluded and untruthful mind’s conditioning that take you away from having the true experience of yourself – wholeness, love, and contentment.

Stop searching outside of yourself for fulfilment!!!!!! You lack nothing and the sooner you realise and believe this, the quicker your external world will validate these things.

As mentioned earlier, what you believe to be true in your thoughts you manifest. Don’t believe your conditioning. Every time a negative thought enters your conscious mind  tell yourself that this is a lie  and that you do not accept it into your world. Lack does not exist in truth. So if lack turns up, you know it is a lie . A lie that you believe to be true based on a distorted view of your experiences coming out of your conditioning.

When you create in a loving and positive way you are honouring the God within which is and has always been you.  By creating you live an authentic life. The purpose of human incarnation is for you God/Soul/Consciousness to expand and uplift through direct experience to bring you into full alignment with Love, love the true version not some limited view of it  put forward from your human mind. What most humans believe to be love is in fact way removed from it. If you a relying on love external from yourself either through experience or a person, then you miss the point of what love actually is. Love always comes from within and is then validated externally not the other way around.

So create in a loving way and always ask yourself how can what I am about to do/create bring benefit to the whole of which I am always a part of. By creating from love, you are being self-loving as all is you.

objectBeing of service is another form of self-love.  When you bring benefit to any part of you, you are self-loving and leaving a little love and joy into this world and beyond. Remember you are a part of everything that exists here, out there, all the way into affinity. Every time you be of service to the microcosm you benefit not only that but the macrocosm as well. If I am kind and loving to my skin, my whole body benefits. If I be loving and kind to a person everything in existence benefits. There truly is no separation, what you do to anything is really what you do to your self.

Ask yourself constantly how can I bring love and positivity into my world? Well it all starts with a positive thought and having the faith that it is true. By refusing to entertain the possibility of negativity and to always recognise that negativity, lack, burden, and tension is and always will be a lie so refuse it in your world. Say to yourself I stand for love not negativity. I am going to honour my self and live authentically and not live in the lie of lack.

You are whole, and already everything you think you lack, it just requires you to look within and have faith and trust that a greater force within you God/Soul/Consciousness is actually driving the bus not your mind and its conditioning. All you need to do is allow, and trust that this all knowledge highly evolve energy  has got your back  and the less you try and control it the more you will be able to experience what you already are – love, joy, abundance, and everything you can perceive what God is and more.

You are it  and never let your mind or person tell you otherwise.

Thanks lots of love to you Trevor Gollagher


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Lack Structure – The Non -Truthful Conditioning of the Conscious Mind

Beautiful fractal flower in green and yellow. Computer generated graphics.

The majority of the worlds population function from a place of non-truth. They have a belief in lack, wrong, and evil. All negative beliefs and experiences are not Universal or from God, they are always mind-made and manufactured illusions.

The saying that everything is a part of God has a big clue into what is real in the world as opposed to what is believed to be real.

If everything indeed is a part of God how can there be any darkness, evil, and/or negativity. Isn’t God pure and made up of only divine love and light? If this is indeed true, then all negativity and darkness must be a lie. Lies come from beliefs and conditioning emanating outward from the conscious mind. Due to the Universal Laws of Attraction and Cause and Affect, what we believe, and therefore think, we manifest into our personal reality. We make real the unreal.

It is our thoughts and emotions that create a lack structured world for ourselves and not some higher being  punishing us for some reason. In other words we create for ourselves a living hell, full of lack, hardship, and pain based on our conditioning.

YES it is US that causes negativity in our world and no one else or thing can be blamed for our lot in life. We are the sole creators of our reality and world. No one plays any part at all in this manifestation of experience. Two things create your world as you know it.  Your thoughts- what you think and the emotions evoked as a result of the thoughts. These things are how your talk to the Universe/God/Consciousness  and ask for new experiences to match your thoughts. The Universe is all loving and never judges for what you ask, it only responds with love and fills your life with more experiences that match your thoughts – what you think.


consultingSo knowing this you are now faced with some decisions. First decision – do you believe this? If so, you need to have faith that your world is full of love, abundance and fulfilment. No negativity is real and only comes from a deluded belief your conscious mind holds and is manifested via your thoughts.

Second decision – knowing that everything I can perceive that is loving and good is already a part of me and there is no lack in truth. I am now going to call out any negative experience I am having for what it really is – an experience based on a lie coming out of my distorted conditioning. Acknowledging truth helps dispel non-truth (very important to remember) Acknowledging the lie and having faith in truth does two things – it helps dissolve the lie conditioning within you and also allows truth to bubble to the surface as it is what you really are after all.

This allows you to be more allowing and accepting that your life truly is blessed. When we cease trying to fix, change, or make better any negative thing you have judged to be real, you naturally start to function and experience more of what you are – a divine piece of God. In other words you live more authentically the way  you truly were meant to.


Lots of love and happiness

Trevor Gollagher


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Thought – The Master Creator

consultingDid you know? That we only realise we exist through thought. If we actually stopped thinking we would cease to exist.

What we think exists – exists.

Or put another way, we are, and our world is the sum of all our thoughts.  What we believe and think manifests into our reality.

Yet another way to look at this is – what I give my attention to I make stronger and more real in my external world.  Really sit and contemplate this, as your future  is being created now through thought and attention.

The majority of people do their best to have a happy and contented life and are busy trying to change and fix everything perceived not right externally. But sadly, change starts and is created not externally but internal. When we really see that it is our internal energy and its constant shifting in nature that alters our external world we move into a more conscious state of being. One that is driven by our internal focus and not external. External experiences are always a validation of our internal frequency and not the other way around.  Nothing happens  in your world that you have not created from your internal energy flow or lack thereof.

If you want real change in your world look within, imagine that experience in your world and know it to be true and it will eventually appear.

On another level  you are not broken or need fixing as you are always unfolding through experience to expand soul consciousness. Every experience regardless if perceived good or bad has a positive outcome for your soul.

You are always winning.

Beautiful Girl on Floor MeditatingWhen you can grasp the truth of why you as a soul in a human body exist in this world, you free yourself from the binding energy and experience of man-made delusion. Every experience you have expands your soul’s consciousness. It is through direct experience knowingness is achieved. Knowingness causes consciousness expansion. Please do not mistake understanding with knowingness. When knowingness is achieved through direct experience the truth of the experience  assimilates into soul consciousness. This is your purpose to exist as a human.

When you truly understand this concept, you will realise that it really doesn’t matter what experiences you have in this life they all have positive outcome for your soul. This takes a lot of pressure off your life knowing this.

So getting back to thinking.

Changing how you think into alignment to this concept and know that divine fulfilment is occurring in each and every moment allows you to feel joy and a sense of relaxation and relief. Knowing every person alive is also doing the same allows you to see each and every person as an equal regardless of your past conditioning and beliefs about yourself and others.

When you can see, feel, and think that we are all brothers and sisters of divine energy unfolding equally in divine consciousness expansion, your world dramatically changes. Where your thoughts go as a result brings empathy, love, and joy to you and others.

When external experiences happen you – perceive them, then a thought occurs and most often a judgement is formed based on your conditioning, then an emotion is invoked which creates a vibrational harmonic with an existing internal energy and empowerment of that energy occurs. In that moment you validate a belief or conditioning and that changes your energy nature within. Once this occurs the universe responds by  manifesting more experiences to validate what you now vibrate. A vibrational change has occurred within and you change your world as a result.

Green powerJust a thought. What if you use all experiences that come to you to validate the positive loving consciousness expansion that occurs with all experience. That each experience is yet another that allows you to love your soul and support it to grow through human experience. And by focussing on this truth in the moment of experience you disempower all the non-truthful burdening conditioning you hold freeing your life. This allows you to have a more direct experience of your divine truth. This is surely an honourable thing to do and allows you to live more authentically  with higher levels of love and contentment and last but not least  have an important and loving impact of the world as a whole

Lots of love to you  Trevor Gollagher




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The Importance of Communicating

Full Communication of Thoughts and Feelings – Without expressing how we feel, we stagnate our internal energy flow. All stagnation creates darkness and tension and brings to us a life that we do not deserve. A life filled with burden, pain, and hardship.

One of the sure fire ways to make ourselves ill is to not express what we are feeling. When we have feelings that are not communicated because of our non-truthful fears they don’t just magically disappear. They stay within the body, causing energetic blockage and restriction, and negatively impact our overall vibration quality. With restriction comes inflammation and inflammation is a major cause of body system breakdown.

Energetic Inflammation is the number one killer of humans because it puts everything under enormous pressure, and as a result the body needs to work a lot harder to do its best to maintain homeostasis (the bodies attempt to maintain balance and function) The body and its systems are continually working  to counteract this fire and inflammation and never gets a break from the struggle. This eventually causes the body to breakdown on some level either – Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually and/or a combination of all of the above.

As mentioned earlier, we often don’t communicate and express what we feel out of fear -Fear of being judged, fear of aggressive reaction, or even fear of being seen we are not good enough or valuable.

All of these reasons are “mind-made” untruthful perceptions that the mind is conditioned with. These deluded perceptions are based on past experiences and the perceptions we held at the time we created them.

If you look at all things, including our thoughts and feelings as energy, we can simplify our life. Everything that exists is a part of the one energy of existence and creation.

Generally speaking there are two aspects to this one energy – positive (universally made of truth), negative (made from the mind’s conditioning) or put another way darkness (non-truth) and light (truth). In every moment we are influencing the energy we are made up through perceiving what is presenting as truth or non-truth.

If we perceive something as negative (non-truth) we often automatically go in to resistance or reaction. This will always invoke powerful negative emotions, which will amplify and make more real the non-truthful belief within that brought the experience in the first place. To have a healthy and positive life requires that in each moment we create light energy, or put another way perceive what is real as opposed to what the mind believes to be real. More times than not the mind is telling you lies based on its conditioning.

The expression of our thoughts and feeling creates energetic movement, which always lightens our frequency. It is the healthy, loving thing to do to ourselves. When we express. we allow natural movement. Allowance is the key word here as allowance is a high frequency outplay of consciousness/truth. When we allow, we experience more of the quality of truth which is alway positive, abundant, and loving.

Now there are two ways to express our thoughts and feelings – with judgement and blame, or by seeing and expressing from truth. Judgement and blame only exist because we don’t truly perceive accurately. We believe that something or someone is causing this experience external from ourselves.

The truth is, no one or thing can be blamed for anything that happens in your life’s experiences. Why? Because all things you see with your eyes or perceive with your senses you have created from your internal energy. You are creating your experiences. You are the conductor of your life’s orchestra. You are the creator of your world regardless of what turns up.

Here is a link to download a MP3 file of a lecture I did on this topic titled “The Cause of Anger” – https://www.hightail.com/download/UlRReFljNDJYSHhDaDhUQw

I am sure you have heard of the Universal Law of Attraction. Well this energetic law works like this – you perceive something in your external world. You then make a judgement of it based on your past conditioning. In the same moment the perception has invoked a shift in your emotions.

An important thing to remember is your perception is directly linked to your emotional system – every time you perceive, you change how you feel. This shift in your emotions is a validation of what you vibrate within yourself.

This is how the Law of Attraction works – validation through emotions felt. It really has nothing to do with people or circumstances, as these are only conduits the universe uses to allow you to perceive, and then invoke emotions to validate what you vibrate within.

The universe is always showing you a truthful picture of what you are through this process. Why because the universe loves you and wants to help you to live in a conscious way.

For example, if in your perceived experience you feel someone has not valued you, this feeling you are experiencing tells me you have an energetic imprint within of “I am not valuable”. What you feel is what you are. Your emotions are always a truthful validation of what you vibrate inside.

From this negative emotional experience you can see that what you feel often happens as a result of believing something that is not true.

All truth feels positive and all non-truth feels negative emotionally speaking.

Just because your emotions make you feel a lack of value doesn’t mean it is true. The simple fact you feel negative categorically tells me it is not true. Of course you are valuable. Everyone alive is of equal value. We are all just souls incarnated for the sole purpose of having direct experiences manifested via the Law of Attraction.

We are creating these experiences for the expansion of our soul’s consciousness. This is why we are all here. All experiences expand soul consciousness therefore all experience, and for that matter people are equal. So when we believe we are not valuable or good enough, this is simply not true and is only taken on as a belief because of our minds past conditioning based on how we perceived at that time.

Really what you feel has absolutely nothing to do with the people or the experience you are having. The universe is manifesting these people and experiences so you can perceive and consequently invoke emotion to validate what you are.

Every time a validation occurs (an emotion is invoked) you empower the original energy/emotional imprint and or belief within and it becomes stronger and more real. As a result of this empowerment of energy, your internal energy has now changed, and the universe will now manifest another experience into your life to validate this now empowered belief/energy a little further. And the cycle continues.

So you can see, your life is a life of continual validation of what you vibrate. Getting back to the expression or communication of your thoughts and feelings. When uncommunicated, they create darkness in your internal energy.

Once again this change tells the universe to manifest a new experience coloured with darkness. Remember the universe does this not to punish you, but to give you what you have asked for.

The universe always gives you what you ask for regardless if it is dark or light. It does not judge you; it loves you, and always responds to your request without condition.

So in a nutshell, the free expression of your thoughts and feelings creates energy movement. Energy movement decreases restriction and stagnation. This brings light to your internal energy and in so doing disempowers your darkness. This is a very loving thing to do for self, and always brings you to a better, more healthy and contented life.

Always remember there are two ways to communicate – the healthy way is to express what you feel without blame or judgment. The unhealthy way is to see others as the cause of your experiences (which is a non-truthful lie put forward from the mind) and vent anger, reaction, and judgement towards them.

The loving thing to do for your life is to always truthfully communicate. There is no one to blame, just the expression of your thoughts and feelings.

This is authentic self-value and love. This is how you honour your soul’s incarnation. This is how you live consciously and manifest a truly wonderful life.

Learn more about the author and ways he can help you have a better life – www.trevorgollagher.com.au

Lots of love Trevor

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It’s All In Your Mind

It’s all in your mind

Well technically, it is all through your body, and what is it I am referring to?  – Untruthful Negative Conditioning.

Many of us spend  most of our lives  fighting against what we believe  about ourselves and the world only to struggle and create more imbalance and inflammation.

The first issue for many of us is we externalise and see fault and blame in the world instead of recognising that we are all indeed the self-creators of our reality. No one thing or the world is conspiring to make out lives harder – it is always us that does it to ourselves based on our past conditioning and belief systems.

We often beat ourselves up by manifesting negatives in our external world to validate our lack of truthful sight of our wholeness and frequency of divine love. Due to our past experiences we all carry a certain level of lack in our self-value. Many see others around them as better on some level. This either creates motivation to make change to be more whole or activates mechanisms to avoid what we don’t want to see and more importantly what we don’t want others to see –  like “i am not good enough” conditionings.

Every time we action avoidance or apply ourselves to make improvement or better – we inadvertently empower the very thing we don’t want. This will only create more resistance internally which through time will manifest inflammation on all levels mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically. When we actively create in this way we are actively abusing ourselves and basically saying “I don’t deserve love”. If you want a happy and contented life  this form of manifestation is not something you want to do.

So I already hear some of you say – well I can’t help it as that is how I am conditioned.  Well my answer to that is – You are the sole creator of your world and you have been born with all the tools to take charge of your destiny and only requires some commitment to self and applying the action/non-action of detached allowance knowing all is divine. Another thing too is to actively seek truth. Truth is you are already whole and are definitely not broken regardless of your past experiences. And really it is not important what has happened in the past as they is only now and what you do with it  will determine your future.

So I can be in a place of joy with whatever turns up in my life knowing my soul is being fulfilled in each moment and experience or I can sit in judgement and blame and be a negative mess all my life.  Remember what energy you are in in this moment colours your tomorrow and the day after.  You want to be happy or miserable. Do you want good loving positive things to come into your world or pain and struggle?

When we remove resistance – joy appears

Lots of love Trevor – http://www.trevorgollagher.com.au

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