Clarity to Awaken

Are we becoming Self-Realised?

dnjjThe world has been in a continual state of change since time began.  The planet, and the entire universe, is unfolding within a vast cycle. Each and every part of the whole of existence moves through a continual upward spiraling cyclic pattern. With each cyclic turn, it becomes a little more conscious and higher in frequency. This steps all creation towards completeness.

We as humans play a major role in how fast Earth moves through its cycles. How we create through our perceptions can create expansion, and thus supporting our unfoldment. Alternatively, if we create resistance, we hinder our natural unfoldment, and the universe itself, causing more tension and negative, non-truthful experiences and realities to manifest. This deepens the illusion of lack.

Through the laws of attraction and cause and effect, we have been actively creating. We are after all, creator beings, and it is within our energetic makeup to create constantly. In so doing, we have, and are playing an active role in co-creation with all of God.

Through our inner desire to create, mankind has manifested and influenced lots of change, and made many new discoveries along the way. We create through our perception, and consequently, the emotions evoked.

The emotions we feel due to how we perceive, validates our beliefs and emotional imprints, regardless if these beliefs and imprints are based on what is real (Spiritual Truth), or not.

Because lots our past energetic conditioning is riddled with the belief in lack (non truth), we often have a distorted view of what is actually real in the present. As a result, we actively create, and make real, more non-truth on to the planet. This strengthens the distorted truthful energy of the planet, our personal reality, and what is observed in life. This holds the planet in a false, unconscious, energetic darkness.

A golden rule of thumb is – if experience is negative, truth is not seen. So often, we create burden, lack, and struggle in our lives simply from perceiving inaccurately. All negative experience is “Mind Made”.

Just because the mind believes something to be real does not necessary make it so.  Our past conditioning has been greatly influenced by the energies of fear, lack, control, and greed, simply because most of societies structures are based on this. So this reality, albeit illusionary, molds and shapes the way we do everything in our present moment.

We all exist in a quagmire of non-truth and flawed reality, and constantly make decisions based on this. No wonder many people find it almost impossible to have a contented and abundant life.

We live in a time of great illusion, base on foresaid greed and control structures. All the time however, underneath this non-truthful reality, we, as souls, have been awakening. All experience, without exception, influences the consciousness of our souls.

It is through this expansion that we evolve towards a higher, more awakened ascended state. With soul expansion, comes more clarity into what is real – that everything is of God, and therefore is love.  Soul expansion brings us into a more awakened and realized state of being – it makes us conscious. What we do with this newfound awareness will determine and shape our reality.

Energetic expansion moves us closer to a harmonic match with the bigger piece of God. This is the journey all life and creation is on. Since we all fragmented off the bigger piece of God and descended down into lower vibrational fields to directly experience all potential experiences, and co-create, we have been moving back to God.

Each experience we have steps us closer to the vibration of the bigger piece of God and home. Put another way – through immersing more into consciousness, we start to have a more direct experience of what we always have been – God. We are moving towards direct experience of what we have always been. We are becoming conscious that we are God within and all creation is us. Everything perceivable, is already inside of us – we just have to look.

It is not that far away now when the negative, non-truthful reality that has been maintained for eons will be seen for what it is. This will happen because as we rise in vibration, we see a clearer picture of what is real as opposed to what we think is real.

Something I realized many years ago is, when truth is seen, non-truth finds it very hard to maintain its existence.  Because of our rapid movement towards living consciously, we will not accept lack structure for much longer.

By gaining clarity through our awakening, its control and strength will be dis-empowered. By seeing its non-truthful structure, it will loose its influence on us.

Without our belief in its existence, it is doomed to weaken and die. Why? Because it is our resistance to it, and the energy we feed it, through giving it attention and validation, which empowers its very existence.

It’s crazy, but in every moment, we feed energy and strengthen the very things that we fear, and so desperately desire to escape from. This holds most people in a cycle of lack, burden, and fear.

We as souls are not lacking. Lack is an illusionary “mind made” perception. But our societies rules and structures are mainly based on lack, which holds us in a continual struggle to succeed. It is the continual process of applying action to gain something that is perceived missing, that strengthens and maintains lack structure. This deludes our perception of our wholeness even further.

Underneath what is often perceived, lays your truth – that you are, and have always been whole, and lack nothing at all. Everything you seek is already a part of you deep inside. It is, and has always been, the constant bombardment of lack structure that has literally brainwashed you into believing in lack and incompleteness.

You have made it appear real through your ability to manifest whatever you give attention to, and are continually validating its existence. This only serves to strengthen your belief that it is real – and the cycle continues.

Since energy has come into existence, it has been continually changing. Everything is in a constant state of expansion consciously speaking. The cycle of expansion will go on regardless of what we think and do. It is unfolding within divine plan and cannot be altered.

However, how we experience this unfoldment, will be directly influenced by what we perceive and validate within it.

You manifest your reality.

hearteesfgYour mind and its conditioned perceptions make real everything you see, hear, and experience. We all are really in our own little self-made worlds.

Everything is expanding in consciousness to journey back to its source – the awakened state of God. As all energy expands and grows, it evolves in nature. It awakens more to what it is, and always been. In a sense, we all become more conscious of ourselves – what is real, as opposed to what is believed to be real.

Eventually expanding and awakening in consciousness to the point of full immersion and energetic harmony with the frequency of God. At this point, we will have travelled full circle. We in a sense, have direct experience of ourselves.

Nothing directly experienced is ever lost, as it always imprints into the individual soul’s consciousness and energetically adds to the overall soul pool of knowledge. We are all helping each other through co-creation and experience to awaken. To bring all life that exists – God, into a self-realized state. This will then allow God to be God, emanating truth/love without non-truthful distortion.

Incarnating into this reality, we take on a human suit, which then gets conditioned and imbedded with society’s rules and regulation. Your parent’s mold and shape you to think, feel, and behave. This is in alignment to societies structures, which the majority is based on lack. From a very young age, we are locked into the fear-based non-truthful structure of life on Earth.

Why? As mentioned earlier, to have direct experience of these experiences. Our times are however changing because we are almost done with non-truthful experience.

Our awakening is all about ascending into a love-based reality. All lack structure, control, greed, and fear very soon will move away out of our reality. This is a part of the realization of self. That is of course, if we as souls in a human suit break through our illusionary reality. To start to live in allowance and truth, creating love and compassion for all life. How fast we all move towards our ascended state will be determined by us, and how and what we do in our lives.

We are nearing the end of a planetary cycle. With this, we have an opportunity to ascend to move up and on consciously. Will we take this opportunity? Or will we not open our love and compassion to the world and have to go around one more time?

When we release the energies of lack and fear from our reality, we will experience an increase in clarity created from consciousness expansion. We will naturally start seeing what is real as opposed to what the mind believes is real. Fear and lack will naturally dissolve once “real truth” is seen. These unreal energies will no longer have validation and a foundation to exist.

Community will start to function more from love, not lack and control.  People will start to look for more ways to be of service to others and society, encouraging expansion and not restriction. As our heart energy awakens more and more, we all leave behind the lack structures of the mind, and through experiences of love, start to free ourselves from limitation. This within itself will activate higher levels of spiritual light on and through the planet.

As mention earlier, we are faced with great opportunity to ascend, to experience and see who we really are. The more of our truth is seen, the clearer our view of non-separation becomes.

We start to feel more of our deeper connection to all of existence and people. This ultimately drives us to love all life, knowing everything is actually a part of us. Awakening higher into our ascension process naturally develops self-love and value for the whole. This also means loving and valuing more of everything else, as everything is us. In that space and moment, true non-judgmental love of the whole becomes a possibility.

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Trevor Gollagher has over 35 years experience as a spiritual teacher, mentor and visionary. As an author, he has published 17 books, numerous workbooks, DVD’s and assorted media. The founder of the Heart Resonance energy system , his message is simple but very deep and powerful. He believes that everything we desire as humans is obtainable from within ourselves, if only we get out of our own way and allow our divineness to arise. Visit his website to learn about more ways Trevor can help you achieve a higher level of happiness and spiritual consciousness.
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