Are you Being Abusive and Calling it Love?

Are you Being Abusive and Calling it Love?

One of the most unloving things you can do is to support someone in the generation of non-truth. What is non-truth? Anything that causes negative emotions either through perception, action, repressing emotion, or speech. 

When non-truth is created, it empowers energetic past conditioning within your internal energy makeup.  When this occurs, you increase the manifestation of negativity or burden into your future. So if you are supporting someone to do this, you are in a sense helping them to create a burdened future. Do you think that is a loving thing to do for someone or yourself?

We often support people in this way because we want them to feel better in the moment. We think by going along with it we are supporting them, but this is not so, and really is quite the opposite. Sometimes we support them because societies structure, beliefs, or our past conditioning tells us it is the right thing to do. 

Supporting people in times of negativity is not a bad thing. However often our support is a disguised form of energetic self-abuse. We think we are being caring and/or loving but it is not.  We may think by going along and agreeing with their negativity we are helping, but really we are just helping them to wallow in negativity. As a result we both enter into the generation of negative energy, which will have a negative impact on both our lives. .

The truly loving way to help someone is to support them to become more conscious.

To help them to see the ramification of their current action so they can make a clearer decision on what they create now and into the future. If a person can clearly see the energetic ramification of their thoughts, perceptions, and actions, one is better equipped to create loving, supportive energy for their future life.

Let’s take for example someone is being very judgmental and is feeling angry, down, and negative because they have perceived someone has been mean or nasty to them or another.  I should mention here that is totally false, as we are always the sole creators of all our experiences – no one does anything against you, you do it to yourself. All experiences that turn up in your life you have asked for via your internal energy – no exceptions!

You are the creator of your world. If you create and empower negative internal energy, you will bring experiences into your life that invoke negative emotions. Why? because your emotions are a validation of what you vibrate within – this is the law of attraction in action.

Change your internal energy, change your external experiences. It really is simple as that. What is the state of your internal energy? Simple, your external experiences and subsequent emotions generated from your perception of these experiences gives you a 100% validation of what you vibrate within. Your emotions tells you the truth to what you vibrate.

okay let’s get back to the topic of the example of judgement. The unloving thing for you to do is to partake in this judgment with them. To support them and go along with this negative judgment, to me, is supporting the person in non-truthful function.

This is such a horrible thing to do to someone.


Because when you do that, you support them to continue to feel this judgment, which will amplify non-truth within their internal energy which empowers the energy within that bought them the current experience that they now are judging. As a result, you strengthen the “Structure of Lack” which deprives contentment from one’s life.

So in a sense, you are helping them to burden their life. Do you think this is a loving thing to do to them? Well I can assure you it is not.

So what is the loving thing to do?

Well as mentioned earlier Trevor  help them to be more conscious.

Help them by shining a light onto the ramification of their present actions. Allow them to see what they are doing to themselves.  If you are given the opportunity to give your opinion, I would share with them that judgment like all things carries an energy. There are two types of energy available in this reality – positive or negative or put another way fearful or loving.

Judgment falls into the non-truthful basket. All non-truth is negative in nature and makeup – it always invokes negative emotion, and more importantly empowers internal negative energies, which is what creates the person’s future via the law of attraction.

So the question here is – why would I want to burden my future?

Why would I want to actively play a part in hurting my future – that’s not very loving to myself.

Why don’t I love and value myself?

Because this action of judgment is really a form of self-abuse. My distorted past conditioning deceives me into thinking that I am doing something good for myself. But my emotions being negative tells me the truth, and that is I am being unloving.

If in any moment you feel negative, you are energetically empowering non-truth which brings lack and burden – your basically believing a lie put forward from your mind’s untruthful conditioning. You are loving and honouring yourself in each moment only if you feel uplifted or positive in your emotions, as all truth is positive. When you are in energetic truth, you are empowering a positive contented future.

Just on another note on judgment – there is nothing in the world that needs judging. Why? Because all experience and people are equal. Every experience serves to expand soul consciousness and is a positive thing. All people are just fragments of God – souls, existing in a human suit to gather direct experience and through this process expand soul consciousness.  All experience and people have the same value and purpose. So by judging someone or thing you are in fact supporting and manifesting into existence the lie of inequality. In so doing, distorting future truth, creating for yourself an illusionary fragmented reality full of negativity.

If negative emotion appears either in you or another, realise the truth of why this occurs.  All negative emotions come from non-truth as truth always feels positive and uplifting to the emotions. Be conscious of why you feel negative  and validate within your head that I must be empowering a non-truth in this moment as that is the only way I can feel negative. Ponder the thought – what is truth in this experience /moment. Give attention to become more conscious. This is the only loving thing to do when non-truth turns up either within you or another.

The non-truthful energy topic is a fascinating one, I will write more on this in future articles

Lots of Love Trevor 


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Trevor Gollagher has over 35 years experience as a spiritual teacher, mentor and visionary. As an author, he has published 17 books, numerous workbooks, DVD’s and assorted media. The founder of the Heart Resonance energy system , his message is simple but very deep and powerful. He believes that everything we desire as humans is obtainable from within ourselves, if only we get out of our own way and allow our divineness to arise. Visit his website to learn about more ways Trevor can help you achieve a higher level of happiness and spiritual consciousness.
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