Perception – Yes it is vital to know

Deep Contemplation Time

“Without Perception, Nothing Would Exist” 

logWhat does this mean – without perception, nothing would exist? It means that  all life and energy forms in existence came alive through perception. Even us as humans  were manifest through a higher aspect of ourselves simply by perceiving our existence.

As you can see from this, how you perceive in your life is very important, as you are creating with every perception. So the million dollar question here is – “What do I want to create?” Knowing you are the sole creator of your reality it is very important, if you are serious about having a great life to become aware of  1. what part of you does the creating and 2. what am I creating.

Knowing all positive, abundant, and loving experiences emanate from perceiving what is real – spiritual truth without judgement or condition, it is vital to be conscious of what percetions you hold. If it is not joyful, freeing, and expansive, it most likely is burdening non-truth coming from your emotional imprinting from how you perceived past experiences.

So how are you ever going to know what quality your perceptions have?

Simple – How do you feel?

Your emotions are  your validation mechanism/system that you were born with. They are your acuate meter of what you are creating in the moment. Your emotional system is linked to your perceptional system – perception created, emotion felt. Your emotions always tell you in real time  what you are energetically creating right now. If it feels negative  you need to be aware you are  creating burden for your reality next week – next month, and possibly for many years to come.

If you feel positive  – you are freeing your life and disempowering the non-truthful energies within that are the engines driving lack in your life.

“Be Conscious Of How You Currently Percieve – Your Future Happiness Depends On It”

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About trevorg888

Trevor Gollagher has over 35 years experience as a spiritual teacher, mentor and visionary. As an author, he has published 17 books, numerous workbooks, DVD’s and assorted media. The founder of the Heart Resonance energy system , his message is simple but very deep and powerful. He believes that everything we desire as humans is obtainable from within ourselves, if only we get out of our own way and allow our divineness to arise. Visit his website to learn about more ways Trevor can help you achieve a higher level of happiness and spiritual consciousness.
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